When Are All These 40+ Past Sneak Peeks and Exclusives Being Released?

Ever since I started clubpenguinmemories.com as a blog back in January 2011, I’ve made over 200 exclusive or sneak peek related posts. A majority of these things have been released, but here and there there have been some items that (still) are not released. I’ve gone through all theses posts to combine everything that is still unreleased. Let’s start from oldest to newest. Each post gives a summary and you can click the link to view the full post. From unreleased items to mobile information to Herbert coming this month (yeah right, it’s almost September!) to a Beta Thing that was supposed to be out in July to a new experience coming in May (again so much for that…) to unreleased stamps, it’s all here. It’s roughly 50 posts worth. Check the comments for even more, too!

Date originally posted: February 24, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/02/club-penguin-ice-fishing-pizzatron-and-puffle-launch-stamps-plus-more/
Summary: Bits & Bolts Stamps

Date originally posted: March 11, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/03/evidence-that-club-penguin-is-building-a-mobile-server/
Summary: A Club Penguin job listing mentions mobile apps and a mobile server. Mobile apps have been released, but no server as far as I’m aware – unless it has to do with the backend of Puffle Launch for mobile devices to do things such as transfer coins.

Date originally posted: March 23, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/03/club-penguin-hoedown-room/
Summary: Hoedown room

Date originally posted: June 1, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/06/club-penguin-future-midnight-shadow-ninja-items-exclusive/
Summary: Sneak peek of the Shadow Ninja items

Date originally posted: June 5, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/06/club-penguin-card-jitsu-shadows-coming-soon-with-happy77/
Summary: Further Shadow Ninja proof with Happy77 wearing the Shadow Ninja items on her penguin.

Date originally posted: June 10, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/06/club-penguin-card-jitsu-snow-sneak-peek/
Summary: Card-Jitsu Snow sneak peek. It’s unknown just how legit it is, but Card-Jitsu snow will most likely be released this November.

Date originally posted: June 22, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/06/club-penguin-shadow-ninja-card-jitsu-card-even-more-proof/
Summary: Shadow Ninja Card-Jitsu Card

Date originally posted: June 28, 2011 (but goes back as far as July 2008)
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/06/club-penguin-upcoming-blue-color/
Summary: Unreleased Blue on Club Penguin’s website.

Date originally posted: July 3, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/07/club-penguin-card-jitsu-snow-tin-sneak-peek/
Summary: This is from a third party retailer, so it might not be legit, but it is an apparent Card-Jitsu Snow outfit.

Date originally posted: July 4, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/07/club-penguin-card-jitsu-shadow-ninja-power-card-animation/
Summary: Card-Jitsu Shadow Ninja Card Animation

Date originally posted: July 4, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/07/puffle-launch-and-card-jitsu-to-be-in-the-app-store/
Summary: Card-Jitsu App first announced

Date originally posted: July 31, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/07/club-penguin-system-defender-final-level-spoilers/
Summary: The Director System Defender Level and unreleased System Defender Stamps

Date originally posted: August 2, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/08/some-things-to-point-out-in-billybobs-new-video/
Summary: Operation: Blackout and other miscellaneous goodies

Date originally posted: August 3, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/08/club-penguin-mission-12epf-mission-1-to-be-black-out-coming-soon/
Summary: Another post about the Blackout.

Date originally posted: August 18, 2011
Original post URL: System Defender Levels 7 and 8
Summary: Dialogue and information about the unreleased seventh and eighth levels of System Defender.

Date originally posted: October 29, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/10/server-jumping-demo/
Summary: Server Jumping sneak peek

Date originally posted: November 28, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/11/server-jumping-animation-sneak-peek/
Summary: Another Server Jumping sneak peek

Date originally posted: December 5, 2011
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2011/12/more-server-jumping-stuff/
Summary: Even more Server Jumping information and sneak peeks

Date originally posted: January 2, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/01/club-penguins-2012-parties/
Summary: Club Penguin’s calendar said there is a new EPF mission this month. (August) Where is it…?

Date originally posted: January 27, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/01/theory-why-does-happy77-have-311-stamps/
Summary: Happy77 has 311 stamps. We have 306.

Date originally posted: March 3, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/03/club-penguin-stamps-exclusive/
Summary: Unreleased stamps

Date originally posted: March 8, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/03/unreleased-items-for-april-2012-new-colour-and-more/
Summary: First mention of Arctic White

Date originally posted: March 10, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/03/two-new-games-coming-soon-to-club-penguin/
Summary: Two new games coming to Club Penguin? (excluding Smoothie Smash)

Date originally posted: March 15, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/03/protobot-to-be-meetable-on-club-penguin/
Summary: Protobot to be meetable in the future?

Date originally posted: April 12, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/04/is-club-penguin-going-to-introduce-paid-exclusives-theory/
Summary: Unreleased items

Date originally posted: April 17, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/04/my-penguin-app-exclusive/
Summary: My Penguin app

Date originally posted: April 19, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/04/club-penguin-adds-my-penguin-room/
Summary: My Penguin room

Date originally posted: April 26, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/04/life-jacket-returning-other-unreleased-and-returning-items/
Summary: Life Jacket and Life Ring to return

Date originally posted: April 28, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/04/youtube-comment-goodies-new-unlock-experience-in-may-epf-mission-some-day/
Summary: A little bit of information about Arctic White and an EPF mission (nothing that special)

Date originally posted: May 1, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/05/that-magazine-penguin-is-wearing-lavendar-not-silver/
Summary: Lavender penguin in Club Penguin Magazine

Date originally posted: May 1, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/05/club-penguin-chat-update-coming-in-2013-more-phrases-translating/
Summary: Unlike everything else, we know this is coming in 2013. It’s a chat update with more phrases and translating for foreign servers.

Date originally posted: May 3, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/05/unreleased-item-images/
Summary: Even more unreleased items

Date originally posted: May 11, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/05/club-penguin-medieval-party-video-coming-soon-beta-team-stuff-in-july/
Summary: “Beta team thing for July”

Date originally posted: May 17, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/05/more-mobile-things-in-club-penguins-files/
Summary: More mobile clues

Date originally posted: May 29, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/05/some-nonmembers-can-battle-scorn-because-club-penguin-is-testing-offering-all-players-more/
Summary: Club Penguin testing “offering all players more”

Date originally posted: June 15, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/06/is-another-item-going-to-be-released-at-the-party/
Summary: Unreleased face item

Date originally posted: June 22, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/06/pictures-of-three-unreleased-items/
Summary: Unlockable Purple Boombox

Date originally posted: July 1, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/games-olympics-possibility-wow/
Summary: Special rooms (it is concept artwork, however)

Date originally posted: July 2, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/club-penguin-card-jitsu-app-screenshots/
Summary: Card-Jitsu application screenshots

Date originally posted: July 12, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/new-club-penguin-puffle-hats/
Summary: As far as I’m aware, these Puffle Hats are not released.

Date originally posted: July 23, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/2-story-igloo-coming-soon-old-exclusive-returns/
Summary: 2 story igloo (although Polo Field did say Club Penguin could not get it to work properly…)

Date originally posted: July 26, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/unreleased-items-july-2012/
Summary: Pink Mystery Pin

Date originally posted: July 26, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/unreleased-club-penguin-furniture-images/
Summary: Two unreleased furniture items

Date originally posted: July 31, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/07/club-penguin-blog-august-2012-events/
Summary: Club Penguin said Herbert was coming this month. Two more days and August is over, Club Penguin…

Date originally posted: August 2, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/08/club-penguin-rookie-to-be-on-club-penguin-soon/
Summary: Rookie to visit soon with a new background

Date originally posted: August 2, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/08/unreleased-images-part-1-of-3/
Summary: More unreleased items

Date originally posted: August 8, 2012
Original post URL: https://clubpenguinmemories.com/2012/08/new-club-penguin-unlockable-items/
Summary: New unlockable items

…and then there is the new Coffee Shop design coming tonight and Fall Fair coming next month with the ability to save tickets.

There is also the Billybob Interview Video and Moose and Polo Show, whenever they come out.

…and finally, there is this. (this image is not mine)

63 thoughts on “When Are All These 40+ Past Sneak Peeks and Exclusives Being Released?

  1. No offense to CP or anything, but they say that they listen to us and we decide and they say they give what the kids want but they keep saying stuff that will come and not bring it and when we ask for some stuff they usually dont do it.

  2. The last image is probably the oldest on the list, dating back to August 2010. I heard somewhere they just put it in the book to see if penguins liked the idea…but why would they go to all that trouble then to publish it?

    Overall, I think CP needs to plan their things better.

  3. What about the face emote things, remember one time in the beta team we could choose our faces on our player card or something..

  4. And also, I once saw thin picture on some site I forgot the name of, but I forgot the website. It showed this backpack that had a purple uffle in it. you should search it.

  5. I’m pretty sure the Pizza costume will be released while The fair 2012. The Fair really is the closest crazy party to the April Fools. So, It will maybe be at the party.

  6. I personally think the TON of member items CP has releasing, but not able to get them ingame, will be released with the Card Jitsu App… maybe they’re just putting them in so theyre ready! I think for the CJ app you have to earm coins by playing CJ, and you can get items with them? Or are they for the My penguin app rumored forever ago? Hmm I really hope they release those pesky member items, cause they are AWESOME items! :D

  7. July 12, 2012, correction, all of these hats but the Clown wig have been released. Check out the Disney Store or Toy wiz (Disney being much better in price). These hats come from the puffle toys Series 13.

  8. Trainman, I have pics of the Shadow Ninja weather on cp, you know if you use Fire Ninja Suit fireballs come out, and Water Ninja Suit it rains, well I could get the Shadow Ninja weather photo, i took it on a CPPS but that CPPS had many real things and it was even real, what happens the weather?

    1. Turns dark (2 Shadow Ninjas)
    2. A really dark cloud (kind of storm) comes out and gets more dark (3 Shadow Ninjas)
    3. Turns more dark than ever and also there shows a really dark air like if the room had contamination, the sky looked like contamination (really)

    BUT, how do you watermark images? Because then ClubPenguinCP would steal the image and claim they found it unless it has watermark, or tell me where to download it please.

    And if you dont want to, then can I at least give you the images in another comment soon (I will keep checking back I promise so check back also here) but i want the images with your watermark please! And also I would like if you give credit, thanks!

  9. Train, please reply!!

    I hate how CP is behind schedule. Here are the dates things were supposed to come:
    Card jitsu snow/shadow: November 2011/May 2012
    EPF mission: August
    Beta team thing: July
    Arctic white color and ‘experience’: May (I think arctic whites experience is CJ Snow because the calendar had card jitsu stuff for May)
    Server Jumping: October 2012

    I think CP bites off more than it can chew.

    And what about the 2-story igloo? The community center room? Those ‘portals’ to the EPF from the Cove and beach which were show in a video (you should have listed that here). What about the movie? What about promised mobile apps? What about that olympics party listed above?

    I feel CP is getting boring. I stay for all the exciting stuff above, but who knows when all of it will come :(

  10. Speaking of Shadow Ninjas, the Epic Official Guide to Club Penguin: Ultimate Edition accidentally revealed some info on Shadow Ninjas, proving what Phineas99 said…

    “Once you earn your Fire or Water suit, you gain the power to change the weather! Meet up with many other ninjas, wear your complete suits, and press D to perform the dance action together. Then watch the sky for fiery red, watery blues, and shadowy grays to appear!”

    Notice how it says “shadowy grays”..

    • Yeah, when I first got it, I was going to tell you a few days ago, but completely forgot about it until now. Still, I hope they do come this year, maybe you could post a theory about it with Phineas99’s Shadow weather images, if he gets them. :)

  11. That image is from the Ultimate Official Guide of clubpenguin Ultimate Edetion.
    I also called clubpenguin and asked about that they said she will tell the “Owner” about it. – Cance0

  12. Did Phineas ever get those Shadow weather images? Well, I skimmed over the Epic Official guide book again today, and at another glance, they hinted at some more Shadow Ninja info:

    “Then he showed other ninjas how to forge these amulets from gold and a mysterious black gem.”

    Note the last part..I guess it’s been confirmed that black shadow thing in the center of the amulet is indeed a gem now, after much speculation, and the fact it was on the Shadow Ninja helmet.

  13. I got some more evidence…this time Snow evidence. Me and some Water Ninjas were at the Beach, and the top was flashing blue clouds…but at one point, WHITE clouds appeared, but quickly went away. I couldn’t get a screenshot, but if it happens again, I’ll take one. I guess we’re just getting more and more proof to Shadow and Snow!

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