Club Penguin Merchandise

Club Penguin has always had a small shop on their website, but ever since October 2008 with the releasing of Club Penguin Mix n’ Match & Plush Toys, there is constantly new merchandise being made. Below is a HUGE gallery of every Club Penguin item ever released.

92 thoughts on “Club Penguin Merchandise

  1. I have already gone to Walmart,Target,Toys R Us,and Disney Store and none of them have this much Club Penguin stuff!
    Like even when I looked on the Disney Store website or actually been there I have never found all these nice t-shirts,shoes and supplies as well a plush penguins and puffles.

  2. Does This Work:
    I Want The Tiara and im trying to get the ballerina toy if i put in the coin code will it go back to the series 10 treasure book cause it worked with another toy it went to the sereis 9 and the toy’s outfit was in there do u think it would work???

  3. yea train now im over here now the sled like went on rockhoppers ship ans stuff he put me in jail im like what the and i was in there for a day

  4. Hey Train!! So, How do I send the Image for CP magazine to you? Shall I put it on my site and watermark for both of us?

  5. Train, there is a club penguin air hockey table available on the toysrus website. I did not see it pictured in the article. You should look it up and put it in the article.

  6. well these toys are worth is but to many but there worth it because it has codes on them but to many but worth it!!!

  7. Help, i can not find this items:


    -What is this?:
    -Can this item, only buys in USA?:
    -can this item, only buys in brazil?:

  8. Okay :'(


    Can i so buy the christmas Mix N Match figures? I will have this figures, i have many mix N match figures, but i will have this figures :'( i’ve been looking everywhere, but i not find them :(

    I need the club penguin magazine 1, so have i 1-21 :O :D.

  9. Check out the guy on the 13th row,2nd column. He is soo hot. <3

  10. Why can i not buy all the cool items…..? I will have memberships with items, but i can’t buy them in my country and on ebay they not send to my country or they er used… And i need the christmas mix. N match, but they are discontinued. And i will have a or more club penguin easter eggs, but they are only in brazil :'( i need too the club penguin magazine issue 1. I need the innocent smoothies with club penguin and year cards is hard to find :( i need club penguin items. Im a big fan of disney :'(

  11. Sorry, but the card jitsu snow tin is fake. CP said all CJ Snow tins are fake. And, the penguin is grey on it and all tins have a color that are made.

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