Club Penguin Server Jumping Sneak Peek Animation

Yesterday a friend of mine, Pengbluzie, found an interesting sneak peek of Server Jumping in Club Penguin’s files. After being told the location of it, I confirmed it to make sure it is authentic – and it is! In one of Club Penguin’s files it shows the animation of what it will look like on your screen while your penguin is switching servers and everything is loading. Take a look at the animation below:

While I doubt white will be a new color anytime soon, I know the penguin will be your color – so if your penguin is red, when server jumping that penguin will be red in the animation, and so forth with the many different colors your penguin can be.

43 thoughts on “Club Penguin Server Jumping Sneak Peek Animation

  1. Nah,remember one newspaper archive about some guy asking a question why there isn’t the colour white and AA said penguins can’t see the colour if there is a blizzard.

    ( This was recent!)

  2. Wow! Really impressive!
    If all this things about server jumping are already in Club Penguin files, it may mean that server jumping it’s coming maybe before the year ends.

  3. so did u become a water ninja yet train?
    I have my mask and I’m 12% to my helmet in water ninja.
    If ur not a water ninja yet can we go on later today and earn them?

    • I managed to become a water ninja last night – Card-Jitsu Water was super laggy on my laptop so I went on the family computer for about an hour and got my last item and gem.

  4. ok. good. thank u for even considering coming on to help me earn my suit!
    no other famous penguin cares about his fans so much!
    UR SITE IS THE BEST! i really mean that!

  5. hey train your site is the best of all after you goes saraapril then club penguin graphics then riffy cp the penguin cheats cp those are the only good ones well except that last one i said it used to be good now it isn’t and how do i get to club penguins files

  6. by the way where do you live so we can go on sometime so i know what time it is where you live plus we are friends on youtube and club penguin on youtube i am denis5651 and on club penguin i am pluto10500

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