Some Unreleased Item Names (and pictures)

I’ve got some information on a few unreleased items! There is a new pin called the Pink Mystery Pin. It’s a pink version of the Castle Pin, which is unlockable via a special old code from Disney. I do not know how this Pink Mystery Pin is obtained.

There is also an upcoming unlockable item called the Elite Body Armor. I do not have an image of this item.

Finally, as you might recall, I had previously posted about this item. I now know its name – the Hazard Suit. This item is unlockable too. From what, I do not know.

20 thoughts on “Some Unreleased Item Names (and pictures)

  1. that is similar to an item in the treasure book now have a look
    and the elite body armour is probably something EPF like what do you think Trainman1405?

  2. TRAINMAN :D this could be a exclusive :P
    Today i saw Cece and Rocky and Cadence on the server “Rocky Road” and i was at the mine and Cadence and rocky to BUT Cece was still at the forest cuz the mine was full and she could not come in the mine and she also told she had lots of lagg :P

  3. hey trainman they added the servers ice breaker, patagonia, permafrost, snow covered, snow fort, snow drift, snow shoe and snowcap

  4. I don’t like temporary items (RH + Bambadee BG, Disney pin, Rockey + CeCe Background (I think?)) because once they’re gone, you’ll never get them again. I know it’s the same with pins and party hats, but come on, those are VERY easy to get.

  5. I cant wait they look great i want them plus once there gone there gone I think that is unfair do you trainman1405?

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