YouTube Comment Goodies: New Unlock Experience In May + EPF Mission Some Day

Here’s some noteworthy comments by Club Penguin, as brought to my attention by Honest Penguin.

By the looks of it Club Penguin hopes to bring their new unlock experience along with items such asĀ Arctic White sometime in May.

Additionally, with the way it’s worded there will be an EPF mission at some point in the future. Could it be Operation Blackout?

10 thoughts on “YouTube Comment Goodies: New Unlock Experience In May + EPF Mission Some Day

  1. Unlockng it by a “new experience”.. Could it FINALLY be the Card Jitsu Snow that everyone has been waiting for?

  2. I asked cp to respond on my question and they answered my question :D i asked if the white cokor wikll be for everyone and they said it will be s special unlock and that it will be avaible to all penguins.
    So i think that the white color is related with the my penguin app

  3. I have a theroy about the the new spy gear. U no how it always says basic set on top of the gear? well the might have advanced set or somthing! like i said its just a theory, but i hope it happens

  4. Hey, trainman , that stealth tracker is listed as a Head item and its for non members so maybe there will be a new epf mission and BTW on what day did herbert attacked clubpenguin last year with those hydra’s ? it was in may .

    PS: go to cpsupport twitter ! they posted the front page of the 4th uk magazine :D and 2 free items, i think it will be the White electro shirt and also the Major Tunage Shirt ( but im not 100% sure about that )

  5. OMG it’s all coming together! Its simple, herbert makes somthing to destroy the lighthouse starting operation blackout!but theres more, based on a picture i saw, the snow ningas will start somthing, and casing card jitsu snow. and mabe the artic coler will come out so u can see ur penguin! At least I think that its gonna go down….

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