Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Card Jitsu Card – Even More Proof!

In the past I’ve posted several things about the Shadow Ninjas. There was the initial post on the clothes and then a post containing some videos of Happy77 wearing these items. Today on accident while going through Card-Jitsu card SWF files I found one containing the Shadow Ninja items – further proof they are being worked on and close to release, most likely in the June 2011 Ninja Martial Arts Catalog. Without further ado, here is the card image:

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Card Jitsu Card – Even More Proof!

  1. First of all, how do you look in CP’s SWF files (u can email me how if u want) also, b4 adding more ninja stuff, I think they should at least release CJS (Card Jitsu Snow)

  2. Trainman1405 sorry if i’m commenting on a late post but I seen someone with that card he said he had the shadow ninja card and so we played i got snow he got water and it was a water card just like that card up there and then a shadow ninja poped up! I looked up hes twitter and he was suspended I told him what happened and he said he told some people and I think club penguin suspended them, so I dont think you should post the real deal of the card cause maybe your site could be shut down if you take a pic of the real deal!

  3. Ok first of all, the Shadow ninja doesn’t exist because the Gem is already on your Amulet! its only the normal ninja thats why!

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