Unreleased Item Images

Here are the eight items I posted about just over a month ago in the end of March. It is unknown what these items are for.

Pink Starglasses

Pop-n-Lock Music Shirt

Slate Untied Sneakers

Neon Pink Sneakers

Yellow Bass Guitar

Trendy Red Shirt

The Giddy

The Thrill-Billy

11 thoughts on “Unreleased Item Images

  1. They are for music jam. I think cp will release a music jam themed catalog :)
    Trainman, there is new info about the mdieval party its about 3 islands with each theire special catalog or item shop.

  2. All those items may be for the Music Jam! during the penguin style of July!
    Plus, the giddy may appear in the medieval party! and maybe some of them are unlockable! Plus, maybe some of those items may appear during the backstage of music jam, like the yellow bass guitar.


  3. Hi trainman how do you get to see upcoming items? Can you give me the link or email me please, Honest penguin

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