Club Penguin Rookie To Be On Club Penguin Soon

Rookie is going to be visiting Club Penguin soon! I do not know when or for what event. If you try to get his background it says undefined. This is because Club Penguin changed the background he gives away to an unreleased and unlisted one.

Thanks for the heads up, Phineas99!

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rookie To Be On Club Penguin Soon

  1. Hey Trainman! Thanks for the thanks! :P Nvm.

    I was thinking, maybe Rookie will host the adventure party this year, if so, then maybe rockhopper would have the fair in september, and yet maybe the “dimension expedition” wont happen in september after all, guess cp wikia was wrong after all, although im not sure, and also, if rookie would appear to the blackout instead of the adventure party, then how come gary doesnt hold a new background? Or will Gary have an old background and appear along the blackout? Guess time will tell

  2. hey Train I sent an email to club penguin about the Ultimate Jam and in there reply I think they hinted that Cadence might make yet another appearance this year and they also said if you liked the penguin play awards then you will like what is coming up so what do you think is going to happen?

    • Monchocho had an idea on one of his comments from his blog of the new song of the Penguin Band Anchors Aweigh and he said there might be a Penguin Music Awards since there having songs and Cadence appearing this year? Man why cant they do the Penguin Band to come?

  3. Trainman, got an idea, maybe Rookie is going in the Fair but with a clown costume or something like that, i think this idea was from cp wikia but anyways, do you think its true?

  4. Since the adventure party was changed I wonder if the Fall Fair will change. In the newspaper it says ” set up your own silly circus in this months igloo styles” it also says “fair fashions at the gift shop” … will it be the fair or a GiAnt circus!

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