Club Penguin System Defender Final Level Spoilers

As you may have heard, the sixth and final System Defender level will be released on August 11th. I’ve actually known this for quite a while now, but have never posted it. While I don’t know everything about the level, I do know that it will be based on The Director, unless Club Penguin has changed it.

Here is The Director’s icon in closer view:

The three final stamps for the game will most likely also be released alongside the final level. They were once accidentally released on Club Penguin on March 24th this year, but removed shortly after.

The three final stamps will be:

9999 Energy- Reach 9999 Energy
Strategic Expert – Destroy 1000 enemies without upgrading
Elite Mechanic – Upgrade all cannons in every socket

From what I believe, this level will be an unlimited/free for all level, where you keep playing until you lose the game.

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin System Defender Final Level Spoilers

  1. These all cant be coming. Now its 14/16 System Defender stamps, so one of those wont come. Elite Mechanic seems easy.. just play some level and upgrade all cannons once, easy huh? Strategic Expert and 9999 energy sounds real challencing..

  2. Herbert p bear is level 6 that makes 14 stamps and your fake stamps are way to hard why would club penguin make extremely hard that probably would take years I don’t even call that a red stamp I call it harder than a red stamp club penguin is putting 16 stamps not 17 stamps and 3 are harder than a red stamp

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