Full New Club Penguin Coffee Shop Sneak Peek Image

While about 95% of the new Coffee Shop has already been revealed, here is the full room image from Happy77.

A lot of you seem to favour the new Coffee Shop over the old design. I think the same, I love this new design! In my opinion it has even more of a comforting feel to it.

The following page has been updated:

12 thoughts on “Full New Club Penguin Coffee Shop Sneak Peek Image

  1. Trqinman, if you noticed, Bean Counters is in front of the entrance to the Book Room! Also, doesnt it look sort of like Starbucks?

  2. Hmm they should enlarge our penguins like they do in our iggy in this room because we still cant reach the tables from the couches

    • If they did, during Anniversary Parties, nobody would be able to navigate anywhere, because it would be so full, and anyway, we would then look like gigantic elephants, not penguins.

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