More Server Jumping Stuff

Thanks to the help of Pen50gi, even more Server Jumping stuff has been uncovered in Club Penguin’s files. This time it’s the box animation you’ll see inside of the virtual world when another penguin in the room goes to teleport somewhere else.

If it looks familiar, that’s because it is – it was showcased in Club Penguin’s sneak peek video back in October when they released the new buddy and chat systems.

The one thing everyone wants to know is when this feature will be released. Code is literally all over Club Penguin’s files. You might remember this post¬†from last week with the animation you will see when going to another server.

So…when do you think it will be released? There is no way of knowing unless we receive official word from Club Penguin. Also, why¬†hasn’t it been released yet if they showed us the sneak peek? In their video it appeared to work fine, so what’s the hold up?

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  1. This site called copied all your images. On the post, they stole your image.

  2. I’m so sorry for not putting credit for the pictures trainman1405. I had a bad pain yesterday and forgot to give you credit. To make up for it I will email you a card-jitsu code. Plz forgive me I will put credit to you on it.


  3. Hey trainman1405 mind if i use thoes pics for my blog i have a dozen people wanting to see everything about server jumping

  4. I’m turning twelve for my bday on 20 October! :) Almost there. XD BTW, Train will you accept to got on Club Penguin and meet me on Server: Sleet, Room: Coffee Shop at Spetember 7 (2012 Of course XD) at watever time you can arrange it, BTW my penguin name is Omnom108 and that 6 year old penguin party celebration was awesome! I was there, did you see me? :P

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