You see that? At the end. The 178349256. Each penguin has an ID, and that’s Protobot’s….hmm….that wasn’t there yesterday, Club Penguin added it when they updated early this morning! Why would Protobot have an ID? Mascots only have an ID(s) listed in Club Penguin’s file if they’re meetable, or going to be meetable…so why would Club Penguin add a single ID for Protobot? Is he going to meetable in the near future? What for? If that’s the case and he does the robot dance around the island, I do have a Protobot Tracker to use! What do you think? Will he be on the island in the future? What for? Why? This is interesting!

19 thoughts on “PROTOBOT To Be MEETABLE On Club Penguin?!

  1. Hmm I think we are gonna have another NEW PARTY!!! We might find the protobot to help G with his inventions maybe? Then we get a prize (IDK What the prize is XD) and then we have a party XD

  2. Maybe he will be meetable at the Sports Shop rebuild event… I think that Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rory & Director (Agent Crash) will be meetable during that event (also Gary & Rookie).

    • Yeah but that could be wrong. I still am trying to find out where people found a ‘video’ about this rebuilding event…

      He could come in May because they usually have some event every May…?

  3. @Rico1206
    That will happen at the end of summer. Rebuilding event is planned in July. The Recon team will probably come out in August, thats when all the agents will become mascots.

  4. I heard that Herbert will destroy the lighthouse and then a big storm comes. This is the release of the Shadow Ninjas. Then, the recon team comes with a new mission called, Operation: Blackout. Last, the Protobot will come back.

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