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  1. We can not load CP on our computer, never had this problem before – what do I do, and we are paying for this service!

    • It happened to me a month after I started my 6 month membership. I e-mailed them and I was told to refresh the page and get a new adobe flash player. I had already done both. Four months later I turned on my computer and it suddenly started working again! I’m not too sure what to say to you, Kathleen. Maybe you should try another computer? If anyone wants to know, I didn’t get my money back or four extra months of membership.

  2. ive aready become a tour guide now because im a member im so bored im bring a Tour Guide because i go on northen lights alot. because im only seven i hate bring a tour guide

  3. Hollywood Party – Members Can Be Superstars February 14 To 26 – Club Penguin 2013 After Prehistoric Party February 26 Its Finish The…Hollywood Party After That Puffle Party

    11;04PM Night January 31,2013 Thursday

  4. I’m a big fan of Disney and love everything about it, so I have a question. is it true what people say about disney bought club penguin?

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