2 Story Igloo Coming Soon? (old exclusive returns)

Back in June 2010, photos of an unreleased igloo were published on some Club Penguin Blogs. In a new Club Penguin video released today featuring Bella & Zendaya (Rocky and Cece) you can see the unreleased igloo clearly…and you can also see the old spy phone.

Maybe this igloo will be released with the igloo updates? What do you think? If so, the other igloo updates are not in the video, since it has the old editing icons. And the chat bar is gone.

Thanks Luigileo!

29 thoughts on “2 Story Igloo Coming Soon? (old exclusive returns)

  1. i think it might be released next week :p but, also under waters told us on twitter that the fruit themed party will not be a big party like this ultimate jam party :)

  2. I bet they only control their penguins, Rocky and CeCe, about 10% of the time. The 90 is probably some 50 year old support/staff. So don’t tell them they’re hot ;P

  3. Yo Trainman!
    That is a sweet igloo. IF it does come out I will get it in a heartbeat. When does your tracking team start? I really need a place with actual Mods people just start swearing an talking about non tracking topics. Like 1D.
    Later Trainman once again I wish ur tracking team good luck.

  4. Hi Trainman! Can you check out my blog under re-construction? It’s URL is:


    I’ve put YOU on the blogroll because you are ALWAYS up to date and never lagging behind: a viewer doesn’t want to see something like the lastest Medieval Party cheats as the latest post when it’s the middle of Music Jam: it’s exactly what I’m working on. Anyway, please check it out and reply!
    Blue 28z

  5. well i think the igloo thing is fake because it covers the chat var like but im not sure becasue i saw the vidio few days ago and it showed that igloo design im very confused XD

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