Don’t Forget: Here Are Club Penguin’s Coffee Shop Meetup Times!

Club Penguin is having several meetups tomorrow in the new Coffee Shop. Here’s a roundup of them all:

  • For German players, the server Handschuhe at 15:00 Germany Time
  • For English players, the server Snow Day at 12:30 PM PST
  • For Spanish players, the server Géiser at 1:00 PM PST

If Club Penguin announces French and Portuguese times I will update this post.

Here is a picture from the German meetup with Federflink1 from the Club Penguin Team.

This is Federflink1’s igloo. For some reason I couldn’t like it.

40 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: Here Are Club Penguin’s Coffee Shop Meetup Times!

  1. Hi Trainman! What time for Happy77’s meetup (English) for Scotland (UK)? Post and reply soon plz: i don’t wanna miss it!

    • Hey Train! Just wanted to let you know that I have some news for you. Remeber how we got a sneak peak of August 2012 on the community blog a while ago? Well, if you look closely, the picture of Herbert is for SMOOTHIE SMASH, not the EPF. That’s how he wasn’t here this month. Plz give me credit – Blue 28z :)

  2. I cant believe my LUCK! At my school, we were rehearsing the play, and me and some other girl were the only ones not participating. So I asked my teacher if we could go to the computer room. She said yes! So I went there, went on Club Penguin, and (Slightly) Made it to the party! I couldnt get into the coffee shop, BUT I went to the iceberg and guess what? BIZMOOSE WAS THERE! I also saw Tommy (A moderator) And Saraapril! (A blogger) :DDD Glad I believed in myself!

  3. TRAINMAN! If you go to the newspaper, and look at the news flash, it says something about Rookie and the Fall Fair! Please give me credit!

  4. Hi, Trainman! Remember the post that Tato Maxx Posted? I translated it!

    Hey, wait! remember me? I Tato Maxx. I think some have already heard about this: this week we will give a new style to the Cafeteria! I feel great … look at the new design: It is cool!! Many of us will celebrate on Thursday at 1 pm (Standard Time Club Penguin). It would be great to Celebrate with us! Vistan Cafeteria apron and log on to the server Geyser. And finally, I would like to know what are the best memories I have of the Cafeteria. Tell me in the comments! See you at the next wave ;) – Club Penguin Team

    • I did that to find out the meetup was for him. I got annoyed about the words Tato Maxx before he arrived, grr. I have recorded the chat log, for Trainman to translate, what else has a 17year old got tondo. Email me [removed] to get the footage. If you find anything good, credit me for the footage, and I will post it on CPF crediting you for translating. Seriously, what else do you have to do…

  5. Trainman. When I go into the snow forts I try to go to the volcano and cave but me and my friends can’t go in!!

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