Theory: Why Does Happy77 Have 311 Stamps?

As you may have noticed in Happy77’s sneak peek video on the January 2012 Clothing Catalog, she has 311 stamps. We currently have 306 stamps in the regular version of the game. I thought they might’ve been released for the Underwater Expedition, but I guess not.

So what could they be for? The only explanation I have right now goes back to a post I made almost a year ago, back in February 2011. I posted that Pizzatron and Ice Fishing would be getting stamps, and that also we’d be getting two new games – Puffle Launch and Bits & Bolts.

However, since posting that 11 months ago the Bits & Bolts stamps have not yet been released. Maybe that’s what the five stamps are for? It seems like a small number of stamps to earn from a game, but you never know. What do you think? Comment with your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Theory: Why Does Happy77 Have 311 Stamps?

  1. Well, there have been OTHER games with 5 stamps haven’t there? I might be wrong. But I bet those 5 stamps will come out really soon.

  2. I think two are for System Defender. If you go to that page in your stamp book, you’ll notice that, in order to see the third picture, you need 16 stamps. As for the other three, no idea.

  3. my favorite game is system defender! i also think that the new stamps would come from there because i have noticed that when you have obtained all stamps in a certain game, you will have three pictures..but in the case of system defender, i only have 2 even if i have all stamps..i wish we would also get medals if we finish the new levels!

  4. I think 2 stamps are goimg to be for lvl 7-8 from system defender and PH a stamp also maybe 2 fashion show party stamps Who knows!? by the way how do u see CPs files!?!

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