New Club Penguin Unlockable Items

Club Penguin updated their items file along with the updates. Two old regular items and a new item showed up as unlockable. (unlocked with a code)

There is the Captain’s Coat.

There is the Robot Costume.

Finally, there is the Fire Ninja Gi.

122 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Unlockable Items

    • Yeah, You were second. Well… you know what they say… Seconds Is The Best! And Third the Bird! LOLZ ;D ohhh and one more think… First is the Third! LOL!! :D

  1. Hey trains…Did you know that the code “djubilee” gives away a free crown. Don’t what it was made for some event probably…..

  2. Trainman, i those items are NOT treasure book items But i think they might be for the party ( Adventure fruit party this month ) the pirate coat for the fruit party and the Robot costume for the New EPF mission :P
    And the fire ninja Gi could be a unlock item from the Card ji-itsu app :D cuz u can probably unlock stuff with it i guesse

  3. Train, I have seen LOTS of white penguins recently, and a few are my buddies. I highly doubt they hacked it, because

    1: They would have been banned right now
    2: Some of them are either new or old, and I doubt old penguins would risk being banned for the color white

    • I think that clubpenguin should release this new color ASAP but wait ? maybe Rockhopper is bringing that Arctic white color as the Free item ? :D idk but annyway they should release the new color soon cuz more and more penguins hack it cuz its a awesome color xd

  4. since rockhopper is here this month and the fair i usually in september, i think something card jitsu realated will be september and the fair in november since rockhopper will havetwo months out at sea

  5. Hey, Train!

    I just wanted to tell you about a MAJOR bug. So today, I saw this guy called Penguiny (Or something like that) And he had the original blue that you could use in Penguin Chat! He was wearing the Orange Mp3000 (The one with the oranges in the end) And when he put his strawberry costume on, He waved and couldnt stop! If you ever see him, Please tell me! But anyways, Please tell me how i can send you a video to put on your website because I put it all on tape. Thanks again! ~Oarca~

  6. does it mean if your name on this website is blue that means they have there own website right so click on them anyway i had that same bug too maybe it is happening to others?

  7. Trainman! I noticed a bug! If you go on a Spanish sever and search, “Stompin Bob”, you can add him!
    I suggest you post this on,
    Love your site,

  8. That bug about the Elite puffle only happens when the Whistle is clicked. On the player card in the hand items, it works and you can walk Flare. Weird.

  9. HEY TRAIN! I only need to buy one more pack of innocent!!!!!! I have 21 of the items and I can’t wait for the Pineapple Iggy!

  10. Trainman! go on a spanish server and type “Stompin Bob” on your buddy list and you will be able to add him!!!

  11. Trainman! On a Spanish server, search on your buddy list, “Stompin Bob” You will be able to add him! Just remember that it only works on a Spanish server.


  12. Trainman! are you going to post my bug on the one about stompin bob and how you can addd him?

  13. Hello again trainman,
    Yesterday I tested if redeeming another puffle hat (Dubstep Puffle Headphones)
    would appear white like the pharaon hat. I didnt take a picture but yes, it does appear white in redemption.

  14. Hey, train! I just checked out and saw that you posted about the original blue color glitch! Wasnt i the one that told you about it?

    • I had actually found out about it before you left a comment, it just wasn’t posted at the time because my friend needed to go on so I could take screenshots. Sorry! I’m sure there will plenty of other bugs you might get credited for. ;)

  15. Train! I just found a bug! If someone changes their igloo, (It cant be you) For a split second, your penguin will be the original blue color!

  16. TRAIN! remember that post you made about the unknown unlockable items, and one of them was that metallic suit that was green and black? Well I have it! If you want to know anything else, please tell me!

  17. Hi Train! Just wanted to tell you that you are on my new blogroll. Could you please put my blog ( on yours. I also added a Trainman Fan Banner.

    P.S: To eveyone reading, if you want your blog on my blogroll, post a comment on my blog ( and i’ll put it on IF: you have put my blog on your blogroll. Remember to post your URL so I know what your blog is. YOUR BLOG MUST BE CLUB PENGUIN RELATED!

  18. Train! Did you know that in Brazil, they released 2 new deck of cards? It’s true! One of them are about puffles, and another one is about rockhopper!

  19. The club penguin homepage was updated at the end. It has new pictures in the Membership, Fun Stuff, Parents, Toys, and Help. It’s been there since the Super hero party or Ultimate jam.

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