Club Penguin’s June 2016 Update Schedule Makes No Sense

In case you haven’t heard yet, Club Penguin’s not updating this week even though they are supposed to. I’m disappointed by this, as they are supposed to be updating bi-weekly. When they finally update next week, though, it’s going to have been three weeks!

A new pin and a new edition of the Club Penguin Times were meant to be released on Wednesday since it would be two weeks since they were last updated. And Club Penguin always, with exception of only once or twice, releases a new Penguin Style (and for the last few years, a new furniture and igloo catalogue) on the first Wednesday/Thursday of the month.

So why not this month? Why is everything coming out on June 8th instead? The only (il)logical reason I can come up with is that these updates are all being released on the 8th of June is because that’s when Club Penguin is releasing their next updates for the Zootopia Party. Which, if so, why not just release them yesterday, two weeks after the party began? Doesn’t it make more sense to release them two weeks later alongside everything else that should have been released at the start of the month, rather than three weeks later?

If Club Penguin hadn’t released their Globe Pin for three weeks and rather two, then it would have played out like this:

  • Globe Pin from April 13th – April 27th
  • Sasquatch Pin from April 27th – May 11th
  • Pawpsicle Pin from May 11th – May 25th
  • Next Pin from May 25th – June 8th

Because then, yes, it would make sense to release a new pin next week like they are doing, since it’d be two weeks. The same goes for the newspaper. If they released their final weekly issue on April 13th rather than the 20th, and actually announcing at a reasonable time in advance that the Club Penguin Times was going bi-weekly, the Club Penguin Times release schedule would have played out like this:

  • April 27th – New Issue
  • May 11th – New Issue
  • May 25th – New Issue
  • June 8th – New Issue

But alas, that is not the case. Instead Club Penguin says they’re doing one thing and does something completely different. Even the previous issue of the Club Penguin Times said a new pin was going to be released on the 2nd of June before they changed it.

Long ago it was said, I think by Screenhog, that updates are planned and begun several months in advance, and since Club Penguin has scaled back on catalogues, making them mostly returning items, that’s less work they have to put into them – which is why I can’t see the reason for all these updates coming out on June 8th instead of the 1st being a catalogue delay. It’s illogical in my eyes.

They’re not making a whole lot of sense lately and it’s getting old, fast.

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s June 2016 Update Schedule Makes No Sense

  1. So… What are you trying to say with “They’re not making a whole lot of sense lately and it’s getting old, fast”?

    • With that I mean that I’m getting tired with how their running things lately – it’s not making much sense.

  2. I agree with you, this also causes inactivity in the community, and it also feels weird, since Club Penguin was made to update all the time.

  3. I totally agree! I was ready to update my pin tracker on June 2nd, but then I realized that I put too much tension on me for nothing! I think it should have updated on June 2nd.

  4. Not to be a rain cloud for everyone, but slowly I am seeing changes I am not liking. I see that the Zootopia party is very long and an update is late an arrival. Sounds to me like the crew is slowly making the transition to mobile and the club penguin game is starting to suffer from it.

  5. Honestly, this is why i quit club penguin this year. The updates being biweekly, because of pss is stupid. They dont even do that much for the updates… I mean, that appeals to most players anyway. Plus PSS is probs just going to be the downfall of club penguin. Going Tablet/phone/ect (can’t think of the word rn) is super risky, and a bad idea, since all who own computers dont all own those things. Plus I’m too old for the game anyway :3

  6. Club Penguin has changed a lot since the last two years: no more funny parties, re-used rooms for a useless party like Expedition Party and they are working less on drawing new rooms for the island.

    I remember the Medieval Party 2012, that was TOTALLY fun or CardJitsu Snow Party… now they draw only a few rooms and are even bad lol.

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