Club Penguin Blog: August 2012 Events

Billybob (Lane Merrifield) has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog – something he does not do too often nowadays, as it is usually Happy77 (Holly) who does the blogging.

Anyway, this is an important blog post as it contains information about next month on Club Penguin. Billybob posted this sneak peek image. I don’t know much about the image on the far left, but the middle image looks like some sort of fruit, and the image on the right is obviously Herbert.┬áThe August party is going to be an Adventure Party. You can learn more about the party in this post of mine.

In addition to the sneak peek image, Billybob also announced that Daffodaily5 will be posting United Kingdom related news on the Club Penguin Blog from now on. She is a member of the UK Club Penguin Team. I’m curious as to what her posting style is! How often do you think she will be making posts?

The following page has been updated:

66 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: August 2012 Events

  1. Her background is very appropiate for the UK! :P
    Also, it seems they changed the name back to the Adventure Party instead of the Island Adventure Party.
    Having a fruit party did sound kinda dumb, so combining it with the ‘tropical’ theme of the adventure party was probably the right thing to do.

  2. By the pictures I guess we have to deal with Herbert and maybe something with the epf because of the strange iron wall and the light from the top maybe it’s the Director’s room
    Anyways it’s gonna be epiiiiiiiic

  3. I think the image on the left might have to do with the rumored Blackout. Didn’t the Calendar say an EPF mission was coming in August?

  4. Another theory….maybe the left image is Protobot? If an EPF mission is coming in August, then perhaps we are literally going inside of him to disable him.

  5. About the left picture. The purple looks like the stuff from Herbert’s machine in Puffle Trouble. The stairs looks like it will be going to Herbert’s Secret Hide out or Cave. That picture of Herbert looks like he has a slushy. Maybe the Snow Cone game will be caused for herbert to try and destroy the island.

  6. Looks Awesome!

    i think we will find herberts new Lair!

    PS: what website do you use to make your website eg: blogspot, weebly

  7. Train i have always wondered this: how do u waddle around without attracting attention, and penguins saying “OMG” there’s train?

  8. yeah you might be right plus i am confused about the picture on the left and is it the adventure part or fruit party or island adventure what one is it trainman1405????

  9. Whaaaaa? No Penguin Games? They should have the adventure party and the penguin games this month! They should do that, I wonder if the images were wrong or correct…although the images WERE NOT FROM ME, A dude named Danpengui had those photos long time ago… nevermind, you might recall it earlier in july, anyways, well i guess we will have a dimension expedition in september, guess cp wikia was very right after all since rh is coming this month, unless rh stays after the adventure party, hmm…

  10. i believe cp wikia since I go on it alot and I am an editor but I don’t think there will be a dimension expedition because that is the same the box dimensions from the April fools party !!!!1111111

  11. OK Trainman you can get rid of this suspicion because smoothie smash has herbert as a person to serve. Sadly. :-(

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