Club Penguin Card-Jitsu App Screenshots

After details about this application first being leaked a year ago, I am pleased to announce that it looks like this application is finally going to be out soon! My friend Pen50gi found some screenshots of this application and I must say, it looks absolutely fantastic! I’m assuming this application will end up being paid, most likely $0.99.

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  1. hmmmmmmm
    and trainman1405 plz add me happyblue128 and gpumkin re my friend
    and life ring will be at the olympica???? i think
    +cece and rocky will have a bg

  2. I bet that this and the full version of ‘The Party starts Now’ on ITunes will be released the same day. Who agrees?

  3. Omg , MY PENGUIN! And REWARDS? Could this be where all of the non members will be able to buy those special items? And there’s also mascots.. Hmmmn

  4. That’s weird that the screen of this iPhone is bigger than the newest iPhone 4S. Must be a prove that iPhone 5 will have it, huh?

    • Even though that would be a sad thing to say to Trainman1405, I find your comment funny by just seeing your confidence to say that! XD

      From Your Friend
      ~Perapin :)

  5. hey trainman do you think the “rewards” could be never released ninja items? like for example card-jitsu shadow? :P

    • It looks cool and is a neat idea! I don’t notice a speed difference in the game though, but it might be because the computer I’m on is brand new.

  6. The 3rd Image is a definitive fake, not too sure about the images either.Reason 3rd Image is fake: The Logo, every single time the CP logo has appeared since 2007 has had a Disney above it, if this is the real deal then they would be facing a lawsuit because is no longer the “Official” logo, I know it sounds weird but when Disney acquired CP it changed its name to “Disney’s Club Penguin” Also on the third image, the font is outdated and so are the buttons.I know the third is a fake but I’m not sure about the others, it is coming out for sure but we don’t know that these are the actual images

    • Maybe it’s just like that. But your right maybe it is fake. Same with the first picture but it’s probably just like that to show the game is Club Penguin. I can’t wait until it cones out! You can do so much more than puffle launch im like a EXTREME CP fan

  7. Thanks for the input Trainman1405! You probably have a really fast browser, I tested it in Internet Explorer and I noticed a speed difference. :)

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

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