The Pineapple Costume Is Now Released (and Don’t Forget To Get The Apple Costume!)

While I’ve had the Apple Costume and Pineapple Costume ever since the first day of the party due to a bug that let me unlock them early, the Apple Costume has been available since the weekend and the Pineapple Costume is now out since today. The party is out for another week, so if you are a member penguin be sure to head on over to the temple located at the Snow Forts and waddle inside and brave the maze of booby traps.

4 thoughts on “The Pineapple Costume Is Now Released (and Don’t Forget To Get The Apple Costume!)

    • To be honest, i am with you, I would like a REAL Scavenger Hunt (More than simple 3 fruits hide in a place) (Because in the April Fools Party 2011 there was a Normal Scavenger Hunt a REAL one but for members only) How come this one isn’t and other Adventure Parties had MORE rooms decorated, and the maze… at least if we get hit by the watermelon it would take us back to the start, here is a list of all Adventure/Island Adventure Parties they were from the BEST to the WORST

      1. Adventure Party 2009 (The Stadium was a Pool just like the Water Party from 2007 and 2008, more rooms decorated, the rooms had beautiful designs and the rooms, etc.)
      2. Island Adventure Party 2011 (The Scavenger Hunt had MANY but MANY pins you could collect and it was for everyone besides that I love to collect pins with some activites like build that ship from the Dock, the Tree Forts were for EVERYONE this party,etc
      3. Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2012 (This Party)(End of the maze collect 3 crazy and awesome fruit costumes, but less rooms decorated than ever, very small scavenger hunt and a boring maze although the main music is the same as the 2009 one and i like it but this party was actually to advertise the Innocent Smoothies to make kids buy them although you would unlock Fruit Costumes/backgrounds/Furniture although is chosen randomly
      4. Island Adventure Party 2010: Tree Forts was for members only and the free item wasn’t very good unlike the 2009 one, the music wasn’t very good, it wasnt the same as 2011 one, like the activity of the Dock, and the theme wasn’t the same

      Well this was just my opinion, no rude comments/replies please, and yes, you can say this was a long comment cuz i know it, so sorry

  1. Hey Trainman,
    Did you know there is a bug where if you want to send a question to Ask Rockhopper it says that the question will be sent to Ask Aunt Arctic.

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