Club Penguin Stamps Exclusive

If you visited Club Penguin Memories during the Spring and throughout last year, you might recall me being the first to post about unreleased stamps including the Noble Knight Stamp, Tree Mob Stamp, Go Green Stamp, Treasure Hunt Stamps, Bits & Bolts Stamps, Puffle Launch Stamps, Pufflescape Stamps, Food Fight Stamp, Ice Fishing Stamps, and Pizzatron Stamps. I haven’t been able to post any more since Club Penguin made it harder to find unreleased stamps, but this time I’ve got quite a few as I totally hit the jackpot in their files. They’re for games such as System Defender (remember how I posted about levels 7 & 8 back in August?), Bits & Bolts, and even ones such as Aqua Grabber and Treasure Hunt. It’s not just game stamps, either. There are a few activity ones.

System Defender

  • Energy 9999 – Reach 9999 energy (hard, for members)
  • Strategic Expert – Destroy 1000 enemies without upgrading (extreme, for members)
  • Debug Herbert – Complete the level ‘Debug Herbert’ (medium, for everyone)
  • placeholder2 – User completes Scenario 7 (hard, for everyone)
  • Track Herbert – Complete the level ‘Track Herbert’ (extreme, for everyone)
  • Herbert Attacks – Complete the level ‘Herbert Attacks’ (medium, for everyone)

Bits & Bolts (these are unfilled by Club Penguin)

  • bitsandbolts_1 – Placeholder (easy, for everyone)
  • bitsandbolts_2 – Placeholder (difficulty unspecified, for everyone)
  • bitsandbolts_3 – Placeholder (hard, for everyone)

Aqua Grabber

  • Bubble Master – Collect 20 pink puffle bubbles (hard, for everyone)
  • Squid’s Secret – Follow the squid to the secret room (easy, for members)

(Squid’s Secret is actually for Puffle Rescue, as pointed out in the comments)

Treasure Hunt

  • Jewel Skills – Play 10 games of Treasure Hunt (easy, for everyone)

Party Stamps (currently not given a proper name by Club Penguin)

  • Party Stamp 11 – Group participation (easy, for everyone)
  • Party Stamp 13 – Have 5 friends dress like you (hard, for members)


  • Placeholder – placeholder (easy, for everyone)

They also labelled the “Epic Volunteer” stamp twice in their files. Once they named it was Epic Volunteer and the other as Extreme Volunteer. Either way 10,000 coins had to be donated at Coins For Change. Maybe this is why Happy77 has 311 stamps in her videos unlike our 305? (even though this brings the total to 322)

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Stamps Exclusive

    • Ah, mistake on my end – but they were listed under another stamp ID in CP’s files so I don’t know. :L

  1. Umm CP fixed Aunt Arctic’s October 2011 BG! Im happy because it looks so nice with my outfit, and I don’t think it will return! :)

  2. Are you sure the secret room one was for Aqua Grabber? It sounds like it would be the one for Puffle Rescue because…
    A) It’s for members, and the level the Puffle Rescue is that has the secret room is for members…
    B) There isn’t really a secret room in Aqua Grabber
    C) The Squid is too fast to follow…

    The Underwater Room isn’t very ‘secret’, however. BUT to new penguins it is and it’s a secret entrance.

  3. I wonder.. for the “have 5 friends dress like you” stamp. What if you have 5 penguin wear no clothes and you wear no clothes, does it count? Do colors, pins, and backgrounds count? This is gonna be so fun, I know it :)

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