Is Another Item Going To Be Released at the Party?

A new unreleased item has been found on Club Penguin’s website. Other than it being a face item and what it looks like, I know nothing so I can only assume things. Because this item is a mask and bandana¬†(kerchief) combined into one, it is possible that the villains could be getting a new item on Club Penguin at the Marvel Super Hero takeover further into this event.

What do you think?

Thanks Gpumpkin!

22 thoughts on “Is Another Item Going To Be Released at the Party?

    • it could be possible because this party is going to be on for 3 weeks or longer ( this is what i think) so they could change or add extra free items.
      BUT i think that the Life jacket and life ring would be more a item that cp would place in a room like the Cove or beach, because of the water but it could be also possible that those items would be for a water party in august :)

  1. Trian, could u use paint or sometinge to put this item on a penguin ? It would be much easier to see what it looks like

  2. I think it will be released later on because this party is on for a long time what do you think Trainman and do you think their will be water party

  3. This is off topic, but remember when parties used to be like 3 days long or less than a week? Now they’re like 3 weeeeeeksss!!!!

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