Unreleased Items For April 2012 – NEW COLOUR AND MORE?!

Club Penguin has added tons of new clothing items to their item file. Some are exclusive I believe, so I think it’s safe to assume the treasure book will be getting released soon. There’s also a new colour. All items are for members unless said so


  • Arctic White for free (everyone)

Head Items:

  • The Tresses for 450 coins
  • The Chilled for 400 coins
  • The Snow Drift for 250 coins
  • Yellow Bunny Ears for 0 coins (everyone – Easter Egg Hunt)

Neck Items:

  • Sunset Scarves for 175 coins

Body Items:

  • Purple Shirt n’ Skirt for 400 coins
  • Grey Shirt n’ Shorts for 400 coins
  • Old School Hoodie for 350 coins
  • Urban Top and Jacket for 500 coins

Feet Items:

  • Brown Canvas Shoes for 200 coins
  • Tan Boots for 250 coins


  • Easter Basket for free (everyone)


  • Wildlife Den for 60 coins (everyone)

The rest of the items are most likely going to be exclusives. For some reason some have a price, but are listed in the area of the file where exclusive items are listed. For the sake of it all I’m just going to put it all in a list here. Any items without a price below are listed as 0 coins in Club Penguin’s file.


  • Forest Fairy
  • The Summer Breeze
  • The Wind Swept
  • The Rose Weave
  • The Reverie  (listed as 350 coins for everyone)
  • The Funktastic  (listed as 350 coins for everyone)
  • Hot Sauce Helmet
  • Comm Headset
  • Golden Shades (listed as 100 coins for everyone)
  • Undercover Ops Suit
  • Hot Sauce Gi
  • Glowing Grid Jacket
  • Water Lily Dress
  • Flit Hoodie
  • Skater Threads
  • Hard Rocker Outfit
  • Purple Cloud Look
  • Layered Lava Outfit (listed as 550 coins for everyone)
  • Sandy Shore Outfit (listed as 550 coins for everyone)
  • Fireworks Bracelet (listed as 100 coins for everyone)
  • Undercover Shoes
  • Plum Slippers  (listed as 250 coins for everyone)

19 thoughts on “Unreleased Items For April 2012 – NEW COLOUR AND MORE?!

  1. Artic White sounds very interesting for new color, can’t wait to try it out! I hope that Royal Blue comes as a color one of these days, I like Blue Penguins.

  2. i contacted club penguin about arctic white so they will report anyone who has it cause they hacked it when it comes out they will stop

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