Is Club Penguin Going To Introduce Paid Exclusives? [Theory]

NOTE:¬†There seems to be confusion. NONE OF THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE. It’s just a theory/possible explanation as to why there is a new level of exclusives listed in Club Penguin’s files.

Recently there have been several items in Club Penguin’s item file that were listed as exclusive, but cost coins rather than being free. (even though you need to purchase a Club Penguin toy that has a coin code)

However, that changed last night. First Club Penguin changed the Arctic White colour, adding the variable of exclusive:3 to it, too. It was the only item assigned the third level for exclusive. It’s always been 1 or 2. (Mainly 1, not sure what the difference is)

Within the past half hour Club Penguin updated their items file and added the exclusive:3 tag to eight other exclusive items, each costing coins. I had previously posted about these items. The items are:

  • Pink Starglasses for 100 coins
  • Pop-n-Lock Music Shirt for 200 coins
  • Slate Untied Sneakers for 200 coins
  • Neon Pink Sneakers for 300 coins
  • Yellow Bass Guitar for 550 coins
  • Trendy Red Shirt for 200 coins
  • The Giddy for 350 coins
  • The Thrill-Billy for 300 coins

It is also worth mentioning all these items are listed as members only with the exception of Arctic White.

20 thoughts on “Is Club Penguin Going To Introduce Paid Exclusives? [Theory]

  1. I’ve logged on to Club Penguin today,and “The Quest For The Golden Puffle” has the “Twelfth Fish” music playing in the background. Are you guys having this glitch or is it just me?

  2. So if this theory is right….

    You have to buy a Club Penguin toy somewhere and then you can get those items?

    If that happens I’m thinkin of quiting. I cant stand it that US and UK players gets more and more cool stuff and me in here Finland is just mad cus cp neva brings nuthin’ here.

    Paid Exclusives = You have to buy a toy and you get the exclusive item with it?

    • Hi, random.
      I can also not stand it that the US and the UK players are getting lots of cool stuff and i live in belguim ( europe ) and they don’t sell toys there, and there are allot of players who want to buy toys in europe , so i hope clubpenguin will sell toys in europe this year and i really want their nintendo DS games :D
      And i don’t like cheating but i don’t have another choise, so i ask a friend of me to get the items that are permeable.
      Ps : trainman, the Purple astronaut suit/costume and the Clown suit/costume are now not patched :)

    • Hi captain Twy!

      Oh nice to hear that.
      Yes!! It would be better if Club Penguin would start selling toys and Club Penguin merchandise every where the Europe – not just in Belgium or Finland, all the countries!

      Oh? You cant even buy nintendo DS games there?
      Have you searched over the google? My dad ordered me back in August 2011 Club Penguin both nintendo DS games for 42 euros.

    • hi, random, yes i tried to buy it online but that was a fail, the store where i ordered the clubpenguin nintendo ds game said after 12 weeks of waiting that they didn’t sell that game annymore, and i may not order stuff online so i hope that clubpenguin will sell toys and stuff in europe.
      Ps : trainman, i saw on the german ( deutch ) clubpenguin channel a trailer of the cp Wii game and why is it in german ? i think they don’t sell that game in germany ( deutchland )

  3. So, i buy a toy in the store to unlock that exclusive item ( like the uk magazine code, u have to buy the magazine to unlock the special item ? ).

  4. Hey ppl listen up about CP toys!
    Toys were sold via Disney, Toys-r-Us, etc. and came with a Series coin code for a specific treasure book. For example, the plush Tree toy came with a Series 10 coin code to let you unlock exclusive items from the Series 10 Treasure Book.
    This worked great, we all had our wish lists, we/our parents bought us toys and we redeemed the coins as described.
    Without any notice CP TOOK AWAY the numbered Treasue Books (cool stuff) and REPLACED them with a single generic Treasure Book (in the gift shop) filled with REALLY LOUSY ITEMS (compared to the numbered Treasure Books).
    So we are left with many toys with SPECIFIC coin codes that we BOUGHT to unlock a SPECIFIC SERIES ITEMS, but WE CANNOT GET THESE ITEMS as CP got rid of the NUMBERED Treasure Books as just described.
    Me, my family & friends ALL have toys we CANNOT GET THE ITEMS WE PAID FOR!!!
    So if you think the toys and that one LOUSY Treasure Book are worth it, THINK AGAIN. The toys they make and sell now are junk. The Old toys were much better.
    Since CP has done FRAUD & other illegal acts by PULLING NUMBERED Treasure Books without notice, there is a class action lawsuit coming up in US.
    You think CP who suppose to promote fair play and wants more members would make good on redeeming the toys that were sold for the items they were sold!

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