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Club Penguin Game On Commercial: Puffles

A new Game On commercial is now airing on Disney Channel so Club Penguin has uploaded it to their YouTube Channel and also posted it to their blog. In this segment Hallie, the host of Game On, talks about Puffles and the recently updated Club Penguin application.

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Club Penguin Video: Adopt a Puffle

A new video is out on Club Penguin’s YouTube channel and also on the blog. It was posted on Wednesday. This video is titled “Adopt a Puffle”. It’s pretty cute!

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Puffle Park and Puffle Tricks Released

It’s a big week for Puffles! Club Penguin has released their Puffle Park room, which you can quickly access from the Pet Shop and also the Plaza. In the Plaza you will see an entrance and in the Pet Shop you go through the door that formally was for Puffle Roundup.


Puffle Digging On Demand Coming To Club Penguin

Yesterday Megg posted a follow up post to her original post about Puffle Tricks. She said that the super trick will be the ability to have your Puffle dig on command! That’s awesome news.