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On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 26

Updates on the 26th of March happened in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2014. In 2007 the third PSA mission, Case of the Missing Coins, was released. In 2009 Club Penguin tweaked the chat bubble and chat text, in 2010 there was a new pin and new igloo music, and in 2014 a new task was…

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Club Penguin Times Issue #492 – Puffle Guides Party Crashed!

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! This is their 25th of March edition. This is the thirteenth issue of 2015 and it brings us to a total of 492 published newspaper issues. The main headline is this week’s newspaper is about a creature eating all the fish cake and putting a hole in the wall of the…

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Club Penguin Community Survey 2015

If you’re 13 or older, you can take a survey about Club Penguin that Polo Field made. If you’re under 13, you have to give Club Penguin your feedback via the blog comments instead. The survey has to do with your opinions about certain things in Club Penguin.

Update Reminder

Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

Club Penguin is updating tonight. They typically update around 8:00 PM PST, unless they update early, which in that case it’s around 12:00 PM PST. This will be their thirteenth update week of 2015. This week contains a major amount of updates.