Two New Games Coming Soon To Club Penguin?

Once again I’ve found a little interesting bit in Club Penguin’s files, this time having to do with games! By the looks of it, we will be adding not one, but two new games sometime soon. Here’s a quick sample from Club Penguin’s files:

Here’s the full snippet:


While it could change, we’ll be getting two new games for everyone to play – they aren’t something like Card-Jitsu Fire or Card-Jitsu Water where only members can play. I do not know if they will come with stamps or if some parts of the same will be members only. What do you think? Once I know more information such as the names of the games I will be sure to post about it.

20 thoughts on “Two New Games Coming Soon To Club Penguin?

  1. Maybe it will be for the April Fool’s party? Like in the Island Adventure Party 2011 we had to wear a crab costume to play the game. These games seem to need items to wear, although not created since their same is ‘Null”? just my theory!

  2. I think it will be 1 game but with 2 gamemodusses , so 2 different types of games like the pizzatron game , u have 1 game but u can push the hendel and u get a candy mode

    • Because which magazine the information is supposedly from is named I am a bit skeptical. It’s still possible though, I guess.

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