Some Things To Point Out In Billybob’s New Video

Since I tend to post things after watching Club Penguin videos, here’s a few things I noticed after watching their newest video.

First off, after Happy77 posted her Penguins Around The World video I said it would be cool if they did video blogs (vlogs) from time to time. It’s kind of ironic that they published something similar a few days later, however I think it’s a coincidence – you can view the April Fools Day Party & Earth Day Party in the video. As you can see, my comment got quite a few thumbs up/likes.

Shortly into the video on the computer screen you can see two things – Operation: Black Out left and on Things To Think About on the right – what are they thinking about?

During the support representative section you can see her penguin username – yet another undercover moderator. This time it’s Mashtaters.

Also as I said above you can see the Earth Day Party & April Fools Day Party. It’s not just that, you can see them editing one of the newspapers from November 2010.

They also use lorem ipsum, although I doubt many of you readers know what that is.

You can see the old membership prices.

There’s some crab stuff that doesn’t look like Klutzy:

Finally, you can actually see the Operation: Black Out stuff if you watch in full screen and in 1080p! It looks like dialogue…I think it’ll be  a mission!

Update: As said in the comments, if you pause at 0:30 and flipped the text around you would see some interesting stuff.

  • Rockhopper_Island_Map.jpg
  • Puffle Abilities
  • The_Directors_Identity
  • Under_The_Iceberg

5 thoughts on “Some Things To Point Out In Billybob’s New Video

  1. The power of Google lorem ipsum:
    In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum is placeholder text (filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the graphics elements of a document or visual presentation.

    I’m sure that “Operation Blackout” it’s a EPF mission or something related to Herbert =)

    Nice post!

  2. There’s been rumors about the golden Puffle living under the ‘berg! Also in the behind the seens video I think they were trying to put unknown things in the video to keep us playing and buying membership to see those abilities! Plus, the Under the icberg think makes sense now..

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