Club Penguin System Defender Level 7 and 8 Super Exclusive

After knowing Club Penguin released their sixth and (not final) System Defender level I did some snooping and found out they have plans for at least two more System Defender levels – level 7 and 8. It shows up in the level list:

It’s not just there it shows up. It shows up here too:

There isn’t a whole lot of code for the eight level – mainly the seventh. In fact, the seventh level will have a total of 256 bots you need to destroy.

I also go the description for level 7.

It reads: HERBERT STRIKES! Herbert’s skills are growing. Can you defeat 2 Centipedes of DOOM!?

Now, here is the whole dialogue for the level – I guessed for who says it, but the dialogue is 100% real.


Gary: Agent, you’re just in time. I think Herbert is attacking us again!
Herbert: Good guess, Gary the Garbage Guy. Didn’t I tell you I’d be back?
Gary: I’m detecting a dangerous enemy wave. Get ready!
Unknown (Probably Jet Pack Guy or Gary): That was intense! Thankfully, our defenses are holding.
Herbert: Hmm… Our armored turtles of DOOM bots didn’t do so well….
Herbert: Let’s speed things up. Klutzy, send in the red ants… of DOOM!
Klutzy: Click click click. ^_^
Unknown: Red ants of DOOM? That doesn’t sound friendly. Hold on tight!
Unknown: That was close. Everyone okay?
Unknown: It seems Herbert’s been planning this for some time. He even named his bots.
Unknown: You’re doing great, Agent. Keep up the good work!
Herbert: Spare me the motivational speech. It’s no match for my threats of DOOM!
Unknown (Dot?): The EPF is prepared for you, Herbert!
Herbert: Well, missy, I’m sure you aren’t prepared for THIS!
Herbert: Not fast enough? Well… I always have a back up plan.
Herbert: Klutzy, take over while I prepare the you-know-what…
Klutzy: Click-a-click CLICK?? o_O
Herbert: Exactly! Luckily the Elite Pathetic Fools don’t have a crab translator!
Unknown (Rookie?) Quit playing games, Herbert! What is it?!
Herbert: HAHAHA! You’ll see! Now cut the talk – you’re in charge, Klutzy!
Klutzy: Click click! =D
Herbert: Surrender, Elite Penguin Failures. You don’t stand a chance against…
Unknown (Gary?): Oh no… That’s impossible! Sensors are picking up…
Herbert: That’s right! Prepare for the…
Unknown (Gary?) Red alert! Repeat – RED ALERT! Brace for impact!
Unknown: (Gary or Director?) Good luck, Agent. We’re counting on you.
Herbert: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! It can’t be!
Gary: WE DID IT! That was a tough battle, but you defeated Herbert!
Herbert: Think again, fools! My plan isn’t over yet. Mark my words – I WILL be back.
Gary: Well done, Agent. But it seems this isn’t over. We need to prepare…


One other thing that was referenced in System Defender is a bot called MysteryBot…I wonder what this could be?!

Now by the looks of it, the seventh System Defender level will be out soon since it looks like it’s ready and about fully coded! I’m going to assume the eighth level will be the Director Level as I pointed out a little while ago. The traces of it have been removed from System Defender though….the stamps that go along with it can’t be for the seventh level as that one will only have 256 enemies and there is a stamp to come out sometime in the future for destroying 1,000 enemies – so it would make sense. When do you think these next two levels will come out? Do you think we’ll get Herbert in Operation: Hibernation? I doubt it! Leave a comment below with what you think on all this.

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin System Defender Level 7 and 8 Super Exclusive

  1. TRAINMAN!! I know what the mystery bot is! You know how there’s only 3 enemy bot? Well my Card jitsu card has 4! There’s the red orange and purple, but then there’s a black one with three bluish clear eyes!! I was wondering what that was!! MYSTERY SOLVED

  2. Uhh, sounds difficult! Cant wait for it, but i think they wont come soon.. But it seems kind easy too. Just put ALOT of yellow cannons and you can destroy Centipede of Doom, dunno about Twinpedes.
    Oh man, you are the only website I know who post these things!

  3. I found the leaked sheet during FO 30…and no one believed me. I love System Defender…and the next level looks amazing…ly easy! Give us a challenge…I can beat 1 Centipede of Doom, why not the next? lol.

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