That Magazine Penguin Is Wearing Lavender, Not Silver!

When Club Penguin first released the April issue of their magazine and yesterday when Club Penguin tweeted the sneak peek image below, it was mentioned that the penguin is wearing the silver/gray colour. But it’s not. Take a look again…

Is that….is that the lavender colour from the new colour voting in 2009?

i260939772_79406_2.png (500×314)

Now the shades aren’t totally the same. On the right is the actual lavender colour from 2009 (#bo9fdf), the middle is the shade the penguin is wearing (#9a91b9), and on the right is the silver (#c0c0c0). Obviously the penguin is more closely resembling the lavender colour, right?

The lavender colour is not listed in Club Penguin’s files. As far as my knowledge goes, it never was. The grey colour (Sensei Grey) has been in Club Penguin’s files ever since Sensei was a mascot, so it could be worn on his penguin. It’s nothing new.

So what do you think? Is that lavender/silver colour just for showing purposes, or will it be a colour this year? In 2006 and 2009 there was a new colour vote. Almost every 3 years. (November 2006 and August 2009) 2009 to 2012 is another 3 years.

20 thoughts on “That Magazine Penguin Is Wearing Lavender, Not Silver!

  1. Para mi club penguin va a lanzar una votación de colores con los colores Lavanda y Gris y algun color nuevo

  2. i remember billybob made a blog post about using grey for a gnome outfit vote for the play at the stage and he said grey was a neutral colour for modelling purposes

  3. hello im from the uk and i have the magizine the penguin is grey that pictures colour is a little differnt all of it it must be the camra cp used

  4. Train I think It’ll be a new color vote (AFTER ARCTIC WHITE RELEASES) and Lavender might win this time. It’ll definitely be at the Music Jam though.

  5. if there is a disco bash or music jam then Cadence might turn Lavender and release it to the Public!

  6. Trainman, the penguin may be wearing lavender color, your right.
    So maybe we will have ANOTHER color voting this year! I thought the color voting would come because each 3 years its the same! But, anonymous elephant may be right, like what happened to PH, before, PH was pink but then she turned brown, that may happen the same with Cadence, she may turn lavender in the future, so, you got a point anonymous elephant, i also heard, on clubpenguincp, that a new color named: “blue bureau” may come soon, so blue bureau may be with the color voting, lavender vs blue bureau or if its possible, another color, or maybe maroon will be back on the color voting? Guess we will have to find out


  7. Guys! I have cracked it! All those times when there was a colour vote, it was all fake! There may be another colour vote,and it may include Arctic White, but then CP would fake it so Arctic White wins. So Aqua was faked all along! I played CP during that vote, I always voted Maroon, or was it Lavinder?

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