Club Penguin’s 2012 Parties

Within the last few days there have been rumors posted on a few Club Penguin Blogs listing what most of the main events for 2012 were going to be. I was somewhat skeptical on this, however at the same time it seemed believable. I was mainly skeptical as there was no pictures of proof, but thanks to a post from Saraapril she showed us the images Mickman5 sent her. This images listing the events are pulled from a calendar in Disney’s Australia Magazine. Remember, these are not my images. Just like every year there are the “stock parties” as well as some returned parties we haven’t had in a while, and even some new events!

January: Look out for the Underwater Party this month (Underwater Party 2012)
February: Yaarrr… How will you fair on Rockhopper’s quest this month? (Rockhopper Quest 2012)

March: Spend time with your Puffles this month (Puffle Party 2012 – it’s rumored the Puffle Hander will be a meetable mascot then!)
April: There’ll be lots of jokes and surprises on Club Penguin in April (April Fools Day Party 2012)

May: Battle as a Ninja (Most likely Card-Jitsu Snow)
June: Be a Rockstar this month with the Music Jam (Music Jam 2012)

July: Nothing listed – what do you think we’ll have?
August: Psssssttttt…are you ready for your next EPF mission? (The Blackout?)

September: Roll up, roll up….and check out the fun and games of The Fair (The Fair 2012)
October: Halloween (Halloween Party 2012)

November: Nothing listed (Card-Jitsu Shadow?)
December: Have a great time at the Holiday Party (Holiday Party 2012 & Coins For Change 2012)

46 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s 2012 Parties

  1. Really? This years sounds boring :( I was waiting for a Fiesta Party or I don’t Know also they removed Medieval Party :( It was the better party!

  2. May might hold another EPF mission because that’ll be about 10 months since Operation Hibernation, and that’s how long G said he’d stay asleep. May and August both seem to hold missions. O.o

  3. One other thing – maybe at the Underwater Expedition we’ll find magenta puffles. Pink, magenta, same color, nearly. They might have the same trait of loving underwater…? Eh, probably not, but a small possibility.

  4. I really wanted there to be a western party:( But there going to have an underwater water party! Plus theres possibly two different card jitsu games coming out this year! Im so excited for this year!

  5. Is the Underwater party supposed to be the sub-marine party but re-named? If not it could be the rockhopper party.

  6. Amazing! However, I don’t see new parties except by the Rockhopper quest, the EPF thing and the Card-Jitsu but the are most like “activities” not parties. But who knows, maybe these can change, so excited about 2012 on Club Penguin! :D

  7. I’m very excited this year!

    P.S. I don’t think they will be any new puffles. We have 10. And any other color you can think of is only a variation of one of the puffles we have (e.g. magenta, dark green, etc.)

    But who knows? Maybe we will have magenta (because of the Puffle Party logo). Or maybe even gray…

    • I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, what happens when we run out of puffle colors? This idea will probably never come true, but maybe we might get puffles with patterns? like, a polka dot puffle? OOOH I JUST GOT A GOOD IDEA! IMAGINE WE GOT A CUSTOMIZE-YOU-OWN PUFFLE THING LIKE THAT CUSTOMIZABLE FURNITURE AND THE CUSTOMIZABLE T-SHIRTS? You would pick a color, a pattern and a size. THAT WOULD BE REALLY COOL!

      Another unlikely theory- metallic puffles? (silver, gold, bronze, etc.) or maybe we could get the rainbow puffle at last!

  8. Well, I’m glad Card-Jitsu Snow is finally coming, but having it in May is kinda awkward and out of place.

    The Rockhopper’s Quest sounds like RH will be crashing his ship again..

  9. July could possibly(I HOPE) have the Summer Party or Luau FINALLY making a return… We really do need a new lei Asap! I can wait for Rockhoppers Quest, it’s probably gonna be a treasure hunt or something on the island BUT it could be like an adventure on his ship to Rockopper Island? :D 2012 sounds FANTASTIC! Keep posting updates on the underwater Party!!

  10. Yeah, the medieval party has gotten a little boring, but it’s one of those parties that comes every year, it’s kind of like a classic. I will miss it a little. I REALLY HOPE the fiesta will be coming back, although if it does it probably won’t be a winter fiesta. I only went to one fiesta, I think it was 2009. I miss that party.

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