Life Jacket Returning + Other Unreleased And Returning Items

There are three new items and two returning items with changes in prices or other things! Returning wise is the Life Jacket and Life Ring. It’s these two items on my penguin:

The Life Jacket originally cost 500 coins and will now cost 320 coins when it returns, most likely in June. The Life Ring, from the Cove Opening Party for members back in May 2007 is now listed as for nonmembers too instead of just members. A free party item, maybe? Could it be related to saving the city, as a lifeguard maybe?

New item wise, they are exclusive items. They are the Sumo Belt, The Sumo, and the Stealth Tracker.

10 thoughts on “Life Jacket Returning + Other Unreleased And Returning Items

  1. I came to your site to see something.. then I started screamin OOMMMMMMMGGGG when I saw this…!!
    So awesome! I wish it could be released on May :3

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