Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 43 Of 2012

Here is this week’s post roundup and news:


  • All the pages on Club Penguin Memories are up to date. I’ve added over 30 new header outfits bringing the total to 90 and modified the header logo. I do have a few more outfits to add which will be done tomorrow. (Monday)
  • Sorry about the whole fiasco and ban scare with the add anybody cheat.
  • I’m always open to suggestion – how can I improve Club Penguin Memories? What should I add? Remove? Is there anything I should post that I don’t, or anything I shouldn’t post that I currently do? Let me know.

Wow. I launched on January 1, 2011. On May 12, 2012 I reached 1,000,000 (one million) total views, and then today I reached 2,000,000 (two million) views. One million views in just five months. That’s crazy. Later this week I’ll make a post to party. There will be a giveaway, but in December instead…you’ll see why. ;-) But seriously, thanks so much – when I launched this website I had no idea it would become this popular. Heck, even Rsnail has visited my website, and he even read this post and said it was fantastic! That is absolutely mind boggling to me.

Club Penguin Updates & News:

Field Ops 104 Cheats
7th Anniversary Hat Pin Cheat
Club Penguin Times Issue 365
Halloween Party 2012 Guide
Night of the Living Sled: Live Re-released
Gary’s New Background
Minor Club Penguin Updates
Club Penguin Magazine Issue 10
Rookie EPF Message
Igloo Music Updated
Unlocked The Headstone Item

Club Penguin Web Updates:

Operation Blackout Sneak Peek
Another Club Penguin Song Coming Soon
Meet Gary on Club Penguin (now over)
New Gift Shop Design Sneak Peek and Song
Special Message From Billybob
October 2012 Parent Update
Polo and Moose Reporting For Duty!
Herbert’s Website (and capture list revealed)
India YouTube Channel
Documentary Video Sneak Peek
Gary Meetups (now over)


On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 15
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On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 16
Is Club Penguin’s Next Song Called Trouble in the Snow?
Halloween Party 2012 Information Roundup
Club Penguin Updating Reminder
On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 17
Lane Merrifield Leaving Club Penguin
Club Penguin Magazine Issue 10 Sneak Peek
Meet Billybob on Club Penguin (now over)
Ice Jam Coming Soon and Two Other Things
On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 18
On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 19
My Penguin’s Information and Items
How Club Penguin Started and my Personal Thoughts on Lane Merrifield Leaving Club Penguin
New Club Penguin Memberships
On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 20

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup – Week 43 Of 2012

  1. Traiman, a secret Halloween, when you can go to get the propeller ghostamatron cap and when you are in the ghostamatron dances, then when you open the door but you will be a penguin fly.
    PD: I’m from Mexico, so it may not work in English.

  2. Here’s my suggestion: I don’t like how the Billybob post is always at the top when I come on the site. I would prefer the newest ones be at the top. Its kind of really annoying [Sorry if I sound rude!]. Sincerely, Alex1941.

  3. Congratulations on reaching 2,000,000 views on your site! I can understand why though, you ARE the best CP blogger around. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do when you get 3,000,000 views!

  4. I think you mean the same thing as last December! Meaning that 14 days you’ll do a contest and winner gets a code or sumthing.
    I still get goosepimpled when I watch those videos :3

  5. Dont forget about your Reminder! Club penguin Updates Tonight! post. I have it all planned out for you:

    upcoming events:
    7th anniversary party

    I recommend you do the following:
    say goodbye to the current bookshelf design

    There you go. Anyway, congrats on all the viewers! Finding the link to this website was one of my greatest memories. :)

  6. Congratulation Trainman! You really deserve this great accomplishment for all the hard work you have put into this website. It’s the best CP cheats website :D

  7. Right now you are almost at 2.4 million views! So you got .4 million views in a day? Does that mean that you will be at 3 million in like 2 days? O_O

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