Meet Gary On Club Penguin! (Club Penguin Video) (NOW OVER)

Chattabox (who I think is Lauren based on what Club Penguin said in their tweet about the video) uploaded a new video. This is a meetup with Gary. It’s this Friday, October 19th in the server Grizzly. The times are 4 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 4 PM British Summer Time, and 4 PM Pacific Daylight Time. This is the usual meetup times Club Penguin has at their parties for mascots.

Will you be there?

41 thoughts on “Meet Gary On Club Penguin! (Club Penguin Video) (NOW OVER)

    • I don’t know the time difference for Australian Eastern Daylight Time so I’m unable to give you a translation for that time, only the other two. You can always email Club Penguin for help if you wish.

  1. Yeah, I also think that Chattabox is Lauren. I forgot about this, but I had a friend on and went on the server. Chattabox was there and she talked to us for a few minutes. She also sent me a postcard :D

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