Club Penguin’s New Memberships

Club Penguin’s new memberships now appear to be rolling out in stores! There seem to be three, coming in one month, three month, and six month choices. They can be found at stores such as CVS and Meijer – maybe you’ve seen them elsewhere too! Over the past two days I have been given pictures by Lebron Jr 23, Adve3, Lenny Thai, and Lolo. I would also like to thank Thalj for the initial information.

  • The one month membership costs $7.95 and comes with no item(s)
  • The three month membership costs $19.95 and comes with the Jet Pack item
  • The six month membership comes with the Snow Launcher and two bonus items, most likely of your choice from the treasure book, and costs $39.95

It is unknown if there is a new 12 month (1 year) membership, as the current one unlocks the eReader item.

46 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s New Memberships

  1. Do you usually find them at CVS at your own? or the person who gave you a pic told you “CVS”? Do you think it is at Target, Walmart, and Gamestop like the past?

  2. I’ve seen a twelve month membership card before. It was gold on the top and had 2 penguins with jet packs. I guess it was like the festival of flight. It was at The North Point Mall at Georgia.

  3. I’ve seen Membership cards at Toys R Us, but I’ve never seen the membership cards with exclusive items. I hope they ship those in Toys R Us. Or Walmart. Not that I’m a non member, I just want the items…

  4. Train I just saw you in a video called “eReader: on Club penguin soon!” At 1:10 you’re saying “But how???” Were you acting? Or did they use special edits to put you in their video?

    • Yes it is 4 once let the us get an esclusice thing u have cp magazines. Innocent codes. Quiz cards and more products USA verly has anny thing all the toys r us places around my home has 1 three foot shelf in cp things in cludin the memberships and club penguin DVD esclusive of toys r us esclusive having 8 club penguin animated shorts

  5. Once again, everyone as started with the whole the UK get everything, we don’t! I don’t know how many times I’ve said that now, but its true. I know we get the Smoothie codes, but thats because the company that owns the Innocent smoothies are based in the UK, I agree that the magazine should be availible in all the countrys which can access Club Penguin. But please, we don’t have everything.

    • Yes you do. You get everything the US gets and more. Around my area, at Toys R US, we have one little shelf of Club Penguin toys. About 2 boxes. One of penguins and one of puffles. They are VERY small boxes. At least we finally got something the UK can’t get._.

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