Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Cheats (and sneak peeks)

The Halloween Party has been released!

When you first log in you’ll be get this message.

Enter The Mansion.

My Great Uncle Gariwald went missing long ago.

Now his mysterious mansion has appeared out of thin air.

Help me solve this mystery…if you dare.

-Gary the Gadget Guy

Clicking the “I Dare!” button brings you to the Forest.

At the mansion you need to collect five keys. Once you collect all five you can go inside the Ghost Lab room for the field op, to become a ghost, and to get items from the catalogue. Clicking the key takes you to its room. Hovering over it gives you a clue.

The first key is in the main room of the mansion when you first go inside.

The first key for the forbidden prize, is hidden right before your eyes.

The second key is in the graveyard.

The second key is rather grave. Check the cemetery if you’re brave.

The third key is in the Dining Room.

The third key’s made of rotten fish. A special dish will grant your wish.

The fourth key is in the Library.

The fourth key’s next, so take a look. Your answer lies within a book…

The fifth key is in the Study.

The final key to our little game, is behind a batty picture frame…

Once you have all five keys you can unlock the chest. Inside the chest is the Ghost Goggles. Wear them on your penguin with any other items and ghosts will appear!

Here is an example of what you see with the Ghost Goggles on:

Waddle to the left for the entrance to the Ghost Lab.

Once you’re in the Ghost Lab you will receive this message from Gariwald. Clicking ‘Get Item’ gives you a free background.

I say, jolly good show! I am Gariwald, and you have uncovered my lost laboratory. Take this prize, you have earned it!

Step inside the machine to become a ghost. This is members only.

There is a catalogue in the laboratory with a page for nonmembers and the rest for members. You can get the Ghost Hunter Outfit. Wear it and press the snowball icon to catch ghosts.

Once you are a ghost you can press D on your keyboard to scream at someone in any room. Ghosts will appear too! There is a To-Boo list with tasks for a free item!

Your To-Boo List:

Greetings ghosts! To earn these exceedingly excellent items, go to the following rooms and haunt them by pressing D. Each item can be earned up to 99 times!

  • Any room in the Mansion
  • The Beach
  • The Snow Forts
  • The Forest
  • The Cove

Once you complete the tasks you can get the item. To get the item more than once you need to do the tasks again.

Here are sneak peeks of the other two furniture items.


Vampire Throne:

Pressing D does this. Your playercard also shows you as a ghost.

Here is a Mansion map mockup. The mansion does have many secret passageways.

That wraps up the party guide! There are new safe chat messages and jokes for the party and Gary is visiting. He has a new background See this page for a tracker.

During this event you can earn six stamps. (to my knowledge, I could be wrong about some)

  • Gary – Be in the same room as Gary
  • Explorer (members only, earned by visiting all the decorated party rooms)
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room
  • Monster Mash – Wear a monster outfit at the Halloween Party
  • Scavenger Hunt – Complete a Scavenger Hunt
  • Trick-or-treat – See 10 Trick-or-Treat igloos at the Halloween Party

How do you like the party overall? I’d love to know!

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  1. I can never get the stamp for visiting all party rooms. Would you be so kind to list them so we can go to them and get the stamp?

  2. Sorry, I have another questions. How do you find the Trick or Treat Igloos? You seem to be the only one that knows this stuff on the whole Internet. Thank You. I like your blog the best.

    • The Trick or Treat Igloos can be purchased from the igloo catalogue. You then have to look at igloos on the Map (click the igloo icon to list all the names) and visit them trying to find people who have their igloo as the Trick or Treat Igloo.

  3. I think you should gather a group of penguins and throw a party to collect stamps. I want that “see 10 trick-or-treat” stamp.

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