On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 20

Updates on the 20th of October in Club Penguin history happened just last year, in 2011. The 2011 Halloween Party was released, and to accompany that there were many other updates.

Starting with smaller updates and working our way up, the 52nd field op was released. Gary’s orders this time were:

During Halloween, Club Penguin always experiences strange weather. This can cause problems in our security equipment.

Check all EPF electronics and computers to make sure they’re secure. We must be certain Herbert’s security won’t fail.

The field op was located in the Command Room next to the System Defender game. The game was to enter directions (arrows) to move the bot across the points.

Other updates included the Trick or Treat stamp being added, the Igloo Decorating Contest starting, the postcard catalogue being updated, Night of the Living Sled: Live being released for the first time at the Stage, and the Crystal Ball Pin being hidden at the Hidden Lake.

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  1. Trainman, remember when you posted to us about the time trekker, and other stuff? Well, go to the mansion telescope(the room with the fortune teller), look in it, and wait for about 15 seconds, and you’ll see a puffle bat. Now, wait about another 15 seconds, and you’ll see what looks like the snow trekker, zoom through the sky, and disappear through a portal it made! It went to the future or past! Since operation blackout is in november, and the Christmas party is usually in December, the time travel party must be in january! It’ll be a time expedition! Plus, when I looked around the Internet, i saw that businesmoose had an igloo party, and asked if CP should have a time travel party, and everyone said yea! He told everyone he was going to tell everyone about the party idea! Hope this all helps! Sorry it’s so long!

  2. I agree, still any news on the time trekker? Gary’s gotta to be there ~ we know so. End of Halloween Party? It’s going to be November. We go back in time. Change something. Herbert destroys Club Penguin while we’re gone? Or we kill the EPF so nobody can stop him. He’s got his own plans, and we’re falling straight into his trap. It’s gotta be.

  3. Dear Trainman,

    I was just wandering if you could add me on Club penguin,
    I am a big fan of your site, and visit it everyday. It would be really cool if you add me! Please respond when you can.

    • Hey Microchip, I would add you if I could but my buddy list is 332 people over the limit so I can’t. Sorry. :( I can postcard you though!

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