How To Add Any Mascot On Club Penguin (Update: Nope)

Sorry, but as per Polo Field’s (now deleted) tweet on this I have removed this post. He commented on here:

So, just keep in mind that you should no longer do this. I apologise for this…and if you’re worried about getting banned, no need to fear:

We all make mistakes, and this was one of then. As I said in the beginning of each post, it is a grey area as to whether or not it is a hack/cheat, and also said that while I do not think you will get banned. do it at your own risk. We all make mistakes, but luckily this whole overall issue reached Club Penguin quickly and hopefully they fix this soon.

114 thoughts on “How To Add Any Mascot On Club Penguin (Update: Nope)

  1. Better do this quick ~ since this site is so popular a moderator is bound to find it and they’ll find a way to fix it up now that you’ve told the world ;)

  2. There is a way like this except I only know it for happy77 and Billybob. You type their names like this Hàppy77 and Bìllybob. You send them a request but they never accept it!

    • Yup! I’m not done yet, I’m getting everything ready. (Have to adjust where memories is, move buttons more, add changing penguin, and make the image load faster) :p

  3. I noticed while you’re typing the ‘Disney.Friends’ thing, you get links like ‘Disney.Ignored’ and stuff like that. Could you try to play around with the links on a test penguin and tell us what happens?

    • And could you try to find a way to get the backgrounds? It always says that its not avalible when I try to get the backgrounds. Could you try to find a solution?

  4. Two questions – do you know what backgrounds are currently available to get (I’d test this but I’m not near a computer – I’m typing this on my iPod)? And will this mess up the stamp system of meeting characters (for example when you do meet the character online will it think you’ve already met them and gotten the stamp since they are on your friends list – it’s probably a dumb question but I’m just trying to be cautious)?

  5. train can you help me i dont get it how do i get to the = sign but with 3 of them and how do i get to that bar thing i have good chrome and i just dont get it how to do please help me.

  6. OMG YOU CAN SERVER JUMP WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LIE!!!!! ILL SHOW YOU LATER THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You should take the stamps into consideration. They will see you don’t have the stamps and assume you hacked, this should be taken into HEAVY consideration before you do this.

  8. BTW none of their backgrounds work…If it is a mascot that has recently been on the island then u can click the box and say yes then it says item unavailable

  9. Well we all got lucky this round, but now we know not to do this ever again we are all lucky we are not being banned!

  10. I ALL works all mascots are friend of mine i have all of thems background except Bussinessmose and polo field. i am scared i wont get banned on club penguin

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