The Pink Mystery Pin Is A Mystery No More!

As long as you’ve been visiting Club Penguin Memories for at least a few months, you might remember my post from July¬†where I said Club Penguin released a new pin called the Pink Mystery Pin. Details were scarce. Then just two weeks ago when Businesmoose held Moose Monday on Club Penguin, the Club Penguin Staff Member ‘Tour Guide’ had the pin in their stamp book. Again, still a mystery. Until now.

The video above was shown to me by @Jempenguin, who got to unlock the Pink Mystery Pin. You can get a pack of real life pins at Disney and there is a code to unlock it. This is how the Blue Castle Pin was unlocked, too.

So the Pink Mystery Pin is no longer a mystery, we now know how it is unlocked!

27 thoughts on “The Pink Mystery Pin Is A Mystery No More!

  1. poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i asked my parents if we could go to disney land/world over the summer and they said “NO!” so there is no way i can get the pin now!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live very far away form disney land/world anyway,but STILL!!!!!!

  2. Hey train! Awesome post and thanks for explaining about the pin! Just to let u know your Halloween iggy is soooooo cool! In case u didn’t know it is igloo of the month at my site! U should comment it would b really cool! (Click my name to go there.)

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