Due To Popular Demand, Here Is My Penguin’s Inventory and Information

Over time there has been enough popularity of people asking me to film my penguin’s clothing and furniture inventories, showing off my stamp book, and even my buddy list. I’ve finally had time to go ahead and film everything and add up the numbers with information on my penguin. Here’s everything about Trainman1405 as of posting this:

Date joined: August 4, 2006
First clothing item: Beach Background
First pin: Pencil Pin
Penguin age: 2,268
Total clothing items counting medals: 1,109
Total furniture items Way too many
Stamps unlocked: 177/322
Total Card-Jitsu Cards unlocked: 113
Ninja status: Ninja, Fire Ninja, and Water Ninja
Total Puffle Hats: All from Pet Catalogue
Total buddies: 833
Total igloo likes: 1,058
Total penguin bans: One (72 hours ban in early 2008 for in game manipulation)

Video of my clothing:

Video of my furniture and accessories:

40 thoughts on “Due To Popular Demand, Here Is My Penguin’s Inventory and Information

  1. can you like post a item hack like you did for friend list because item hacker and the friends list are both hacks so please let us

  2. Woah Train, 1109 items! The only thing I can beat you there with is the Stamps, I have 310, oh and the bans, but lets not get into that! ;)

  3. Train, how’d you get Innocent Smoothie items? I know you’re not from the UK. I thought you gave the code away in a raffle!

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