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So….who exactly is this penguin named Trainman1405? He’s the creator and owner of Club Penguin Memories. If you want to learn more about him, read below.

How old are you?
I’m 21. My birthday is on June 21st.

Where do you live?
East Coast of the United States.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to play games on my iPod – especially Tap Tap Revenge. I also enjoy reading, play with my model trains, and talking to friends. Watching TV is also pretty cool at times.

Do you have any hobbies?
Yeah, I have one. It’s model trains. I put together my own train layout in the basement. I also enjoy the computer. Coding and blogging is fun!

Is there any way I can contact you?
Yes! I have several ways you can. My Twitter account is @Trainman1405 and my email is cp.memories@yahoo.com.


If you’d like more information about me added to this page, feel free to give me suggestions and ask me questions!

133 thoughts on “About the Creator

  1. You are not mentioned that you like to play club penguin. in your “likes”
    I HOPE you not from the famous ,from club penguin, that likes to show off how they are famous! and i hope you are add every one to your friend list! :P
    Harrypopins1 ( My penguin is a girl )

  2. Really ? thanks.
    Can you meet me on 8:00 AM Penguin standard time in Thursday server bunny hill ? (Today)
    If you can please tell me in comment.
    I really want to play with you!

    • Club Penguin didn’t load the room, it was laggy and still loading. I’ll be there in a sec. I’m relogging on.

  3. Hey Train. I was just reading this page and didn’t it say that you were 17!?!?! Isnt 17 a bit old to play club penguin? I mean, i’m already 14 and I don’t really go on CP anymore. I prefer to be playing TapTap Revenge on my iPhone and play Grand Theft Auto on my DS.

  4. Ok then thanks. I still go on club penguin very rarely like if something really interesting happens. I took a peep at the Marvel Super Hero Party.
    I own:
    Two iPods (5G iPod Classic and the 1G iPod Touch)
    An iPad 2
    Two iPhones (3GS and 4)
    A MacBook Pro (without retina display)
    I didn’t say every single electronic the family has ever owned sorry. That will be too long. =D

  5. Great! Happy New Year to you! Can’t wait to meet your penguin today. For my blog , do you want to blog on it?If you don’t Its okay i just need some bloggers.

  6. Wow! That set of you model is awesome. I used to also be ubsesed with Thomas the train. Once when I Was at a baseball game I took one of my Thomas trains with me and I lost it! :( . It was a sad moment in my life.

  7. Your Brother Is Graser 10,So… LebronJr23 Is Your Dad,Happy 77 Your Mom,Tazboi Your Distant Cousin,Archiyoso And Crisdog90 are your friends?


  8. Idk guess who i am if u can if u cant then i guess u cant but i hope u can dont guess wrong or else u will guess right give up yet its jetbirdy

  9. Here’s a better version.

    Hey have you heard of Devin. He’s pretty cool but there must be something wrong with him? I don’t know if he’s cursed or if it’s something with his brain, but all he ever says is…I LIKE TRAINS! He ate All73’s cookie he also ate my train shape cheese. Why would he do it because… HE LIKE TRAINS! HE LIKES TRAINS! DO DO DO DO…..

    That’s all i got :P But why did u eat my cheese >:l

  10. Hey Trainman u know i am Earthing the ex-penguin of the day and army legend and also although my site is reaching 100k+ i am still ur fan a bit lol.Really i am impressed by ur site’s gfx and i think i want to work here too.Can i work here,my post quality will be awesome and also it will be dealing with cool stuff,i wanted to meet u but i cant as i am GMT.Also do u know fever(watex) i am his good friend and currently working in penguin lodge so can i work here friend?plz reply!
    Urs dear,
    Earthing-CP Army legend,SMAT CEO,Ex-Penguin of the day,Club Penguin cheats blogger

    • I’m glad you like my site’s graphics! Unfortunately I am not hiring at this time. We can meet on CP at some point, sure. And nope I don’t know Fever/Watex. I know who he is but I have never spoken to him.

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