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Penguin Chat is what was out before Club Penguin. It started in 2000 and ended in 2005, the year Club Penguin launched. A little known fact is Penguin Chat 3 was used to test Club Penguin’s servers.

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  1. Im trying to figure out too.And I think I found the solution,go to the bottom right and click the ROCKETSNAIL thing.You can read it can make a character there.Click visit website or learn more.Thank Me for helping.

  2. hey i know how to get it to work! just make a nickname and go to the button, right click and click play, then pass and do same and click play, do it again and again and soon enough you’ll have it!

  3. I Would Like To Suggest That Club Penguin Could Have A Different Way Of Going Places Like Teleporting Shape Shifting Like In Super Paper Mario WII Thankx PLZ REPLY

  4. omg!!!! penguin chat has exploded! noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! i will never expeirence penguin chat!!! noooooooo!!!!! i repeat penguin chat has exploded!!!

  5. umm hello everyone im a new club penguin player i got it today and a free member ship so i have no idea how it was free but anyway ITS COOL

  6. You wouldn’t be interested in the original Experimental Penguins source, would you? I tried to give it to the CPWiki, the founder did not want it but the staff members LOVED it. Please consider my offer, than you


  7. you will never get one!!!! if you do i will give you one but if you dotn sucked in you will have to give me one okay!


  8. I really like this website! Its cool cause it has a trainman tracker! I kinda do not know why i am talking about something off topic. I should be talking about penguin chat, but i am not. :P

  9. hello penguin from club oenguin ill be comeing on the 24th of november the card jitsu party ill be comeing soon in 2 weeks :)



    • I have the beta hat
      and was around for penguin chat lol
      i remober when disney bought it
      Vist my website and msg me on the forums for a working version of penguin chat

  10. (traduce lo siguiente que voy a decir en ingles)hola te as olvidado de experimental penguins la primera version antes de club penguin hay un video de todo el juego es de Rsnail solo busca el video que se llama:Expeirmental penguins y no te olvides de sacar algunas fotos a la pagina de inicio de experimental penguins bye ;).

    • i can translate that, he said Translates the next thing I’m going to say in English)hello tea as forgotten as experimental penguins the first version of club penguin before there is a video of the whole game is Rsnail only searches video called:Expeirmental penguins and don’t forget to take some pictures to the home page of experimental penguins bye ; ).

  11. As brave as a shark, I remember you as a ninja, Making the powers of you increase, think of a problem that you have in mind, about cheats.

  12. the only way u can continue is right click on start and click play, then put in a password, right click and play again, but it says server timeout.

  13. Guys I found out how 2 work it !
    Thanks 2 SpBunny765, I figured something cool out! OK no matter what dont keep right clicking, but 4 u Mac folks like me, tap the mousepad with 2 fingers at once and select play all the time, then it will load and youll be on!

    • I tried to go to the site and it said there was malware or something there so I couldn’t go. Don’t try to go there again.


  15. herpert your not in club penguin right now. so why try to say that? for a penguin? if you hate penguins then attack them not say something attack them.and hey i got a penguin so if you see Xaimpai that’s my penguin

  16. Actually Train it was Experminetal Penguins (Penguin Chat 1) in 2000, Penguin Chat (Penguin Chat 2) in 2003, and Penguin Chat 3 in 2005.

  17. My sister who is 17 now used to play penguin chat!She even was a beta tester on club penguin.She gave the account to me my name on club penguin is woods!=)

  18. Questions.1st question:How do I open my player card?2nd question:How do I go to the gift shop?
    3rd question:How do I change colour?

  19. Hello! I live in Brazil and we are very keen for the Puffle party!
    I love the United States, and I hope that the CP is always like this:
    A big kiss from Clorodete!
    (huge fan of CP Memories and fan of CP)

  20. Ok this week we had are school book fair and I was looking around for some books.Well at that time I turned around their was a CP book right there and yes I forgot to bring money.But I got to go back . But the book was Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Heros Unite. I read that book in one half a day and another half a day which I am say is together I read the WHOLE BOOK in a day. Now I love CP books I can not wait until i find anthor CP book.

  21. Instead of thinking about Penguin Char, There is a recreation that has no glitch, deleted/lost stuffs that other remakers don’t know, and when this comes out you will feel that is really the true Penguin Chat. Plus this remake won’t be like other penguin chat remakes that has gltiches and lacks. This will launch in Summer 2014( a long time cause fixing gltixhes, recreated lost parts. Here is the video of it:



  22. Hey you need a rainbow puffle really bad you say we’ll I will be at the puffle hotel today or anyday when you find me friend me and i will go and trance form into a rainbow puffle you just have to follow me signed anyones penguin friend Annmarie0802.

  23. P.S. I mit be a rainbow puffle looking for my owner just friend me and ask to watch me for a little while.That means I am a rainbow puffle at that time.

  24. Hello trainman you played cp since 2005!!!!!!!
    Me I played since 2007!!!
    PS: do you have a page about your penguin?
    Because I am a new visitor I visit your blog for the first time yesterday!

  25. Train I love this website it is like no other I don’t think you should change one bit of it. I hope you make a even better progress on here for now waddle on.

  26. Your welcome i have not been on here alot lately because my laptop blacks out on me so it takes a day our two to repare sorry if i do not repliy on time . You have the best cp cheats website hope u grt more follwers for know waddle on.

  27. Train I am sorry I am asking this ? Because last year wasn’t my first year but my first year getting back on club penguin scince 2006 but I came back in October. I never been to a anvershery( sorry don’t know how to spell good) party on cp do you know if they will have one this year if not that’s ok.

  28. Dear every penguin I am holding a party on June 9 2013 to help support a friend named Bree . She is fighting leukemia right know. She will be very happy if you help . It will be held at 3 pm . You can also friend me on instagram at annmarie-0802. This really means alot to Bree and me.

  29. Hey guyz you should check out Rockhopper’s ship and I found Rockhopper’s ship on April 10.
    And the year is 2014. You should go in there and buy some pirate treasure!
    The free pirate treasure for everyone is this puffle escape round bowl thing.
    Anyway bye and have a great time on club penguin!
    Make sure to not get banned!
    : )

  30. I miss the old club penguin it was fun but the new one is good too and if u want to see the penguins in the old cp the old one is called Penguin Chat Game.

  31. How to get 100,000,000,000 points on club penguin. Unlock level fifty one. Then unlock the medival island. Then get the red squid necakalace and talk to roockhopper

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