How To Add ANY PENGUIN (Including Moderators) On Club Penguin (Update: Nope)

Sorry, but as per Polo Field’s tweet on this I have removed this post. He commented on here:

So, just keep in mind that you should no longer do this. I apologise for this…and if you’re worried about getting banned, no need to fear:

We all make mistakes, and this was one of then. As I said in the beginning of each post, it is a grey area as to whether or not it is a hack/cheat, and also said that while I do not think you will get banned. do it at your own risk. We all make mistakes, but luckily this whole overall issue reached Club Penguin quickly and hopefully they fix this soon.

309 thoughts on “How To Add ANY PENGUIN (Including Moderators) On Club Penguin (Update: Nope)

  1. LOL Trainman, Polo and Moose are having Moose Monday on Deep Snow, and when I used this they were sitting there like: I dont remember adding you xD And I was the first one to be there cause it notified me telling they were online xD

  2. Well this sucks. Now I am not the one of 500 who were friends with Moose and Polo. Now everyone is going to be their friend. >:/ However, Billybob and Happy77 I’m fine with… :P But now there isn’t a scarcity of Polo and Moose’s friends…

      • What? What made you think i meant you would post it!? Sorry, lost my temper for a minute. But what i mean’t is is people figured out how to do this it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out how to do it with items.

        • Nah I just meant it as a general statement, that if such a thing was found I would definitely not be posting it, since that is definitely cheating and unfair.

  3. Hey Trainman when I added Rsnail, on my friends list it didn’t show his picture or name. I also typed in his name and it didn’t say I was already friends with him.

  4. Hey train :) what are the ids of Federflink ? and the Other New cp blogger? that Female new clubpenguin UK blogger that joined the team a few months ago?

  5. Train did you get banned because I am worried and I have all ready added Businesmoose and Happy77. Will you get banned?

  6. Train, if anyone asks for my code, and you please not give it to them? I only have a few slots open in my list, and I want to keep them for people I meet in game. Thanks. (also, this thing is EPIC)

  7. Love this trick i added all the mascots and famous moderators :D. now we just need one for adding any clothing item :)

    • I’d say slim to none, as Club Penguin would lose so many paying subscribers. :P

      But if you get banned, I did warn in my post. “While I do not think you will get banned, do it at your own risk.”

  8. Paintboy100, Joe, Jake, Yoshi, Mario, Pokemon, Gohan, Water, Pinkhoney, Tnt Brasil, Kodalonte, The Catotaz, Digoow, Townlord, Slinack. thanks

  9. reainman you are a legend :D and i know this must annoy you but what is 500 stars and freya 300 code ??
    thank you and sorry

  10. Hi everyone – this is a hack, and against the Club Penguin rules.

    @Trainman1405: Could you let your readers know that this could result in a ban on their account?


  11. Thx Train For the Ban… Now I wont get to see the Halloween party. Im just gonna quit anyway im 15 years old. Dont you think its time for you to quit too? Your 16 Right? Or 17

  12. Nice job, Train. You’re going to get all of us banned. You ASSURED us that we won’t get banned. You didn’t even say “there’s a chance of getting banned, do it at your own discretion.” Nope.

    And then you claim to have done it on your main account. Who knows if you really did (you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen your own account, but who cares about your fans’ accounts, right?).

    Worst part is that you just ignore most comments related to the subject. You don’t even make a post or something to let us know that you made a mistake. For somebody who’s almost an adult, that’s not very mature at all.

    P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I still love your blog. I don’t hate you, but I’m a little mad. You’d better hope that all of your readers’ accounts don’t get banned >:|

    • I gave no reassurance – my word is never official, just speculation. I said “Do this at your own risk” right at the beginning of the post before showing the method you do in order to achieve this.

      I did do it on my main account – I added penguins who asked me to. I did it on a spare penguin to test it for posting

      Comments ignoring what subject? I edited my posts on this and apologised as soon as I saw Polo Field’s tweet regarding this all.

      • O RLY?

        Then how come on EVERY post that asked if they’d get banned, you said “uuh noo you won’t get banned, dum dee dum dum”

        And nice job trying to direct the blame away from yourself. Again, not very mature :S

        And if ANY penguins get banned for doing this, I hope your main account gets banned too. I will report you to Club Penguin (unless you have some secret connecctions that won’t let you get banned – CONSPIRACY!). I don’t care if I get banned, as long as I take you with me.

        • 1) I just assumed you would not get banned.

          2) I did not direct the blame away from myself. I found out about it being a bad thing to do so I took ownership of it and removed it.

          3) No, I have no secret connections with Club Penguin. My account already has one ban from 2008.

        • You didn’t accept the comment where I wrote I luv ya :(

          Anyways, good job with extending this post. Very mature. I am as impressed as an asian father whos kid brings home a 110% average.

  13. Train, I think you should remove this post altogether. I’d be a bit embarressed and sad if I got a messege from Polo Field saying it’s against the rules. No offense. And by the way, me and my best friend made up!

  14. Trainman I know it’s not your fault. I just want to know how to remove the characters and the ID’s so I can remove them.


    • I cannot give a definite answer, however based on what was said, I would say do not do it. It is not worth the risk.

  15. I thought this was against the rules, while i’m slightly disappointed in trainman as he is my favorite club penguin blogger, i am extremely glad i didn’t do this exploit. All is forgiving trainman, but i hope this teaches you not to post this kind of thing anymore.

    • Polo Field said nobody who did it will be banned, however if anybody does it now you might get banned so don’t risk it.

  16. Okay, I deleted all of the people I added (the mods), Now how do I delete the mascots. I feel like really bad that I cheated. Like is there a way to delete it?

  17. To clear this up if you don’t take off this hack, we will have to remove your site. So if you could remove it we would greatly appreciate it

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