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  1. Hey Trainman Someones Copying You I Just Know It The Person Who Is Copying You Is Mochocho (if you know who he is) so yeah

  2. man i haven’t bin on cp forever i am going on for the party did you check tinkatolli out yet train you said you would:)

  3. Meet me at the cove on saturday,august 24 2013…my CP name is Buddy06249 on the server ICICLE at 11:00 AM ill be waiting on the left log im dressed as Lela from TEEN BEACH MOVIE in pink biker clothes with black hair and pink skin…hope u can meet me and become my new friend!!! Oh btw, this message is for everyone!!plz come and be my new friend to play games,get pizza or coffee,and hang out at eachothers iggy

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