On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 16

On October 16th in 2009 there were several updates, with most of those said updates pertaining to igloos. First of all, the igloo music was updated. The tracks added were Team Power, Ruby’s Theme, Haunted Disco, and Zero Gravity. The igloo decorating contest also started and submissions ended on October 25th. The igloo catalogue was also updated with a few minor changes item wise. The two bigger updates however were new furniture and storm clouds. New furniture items such as the Creepy Cottage Cut-out and Iron Gate were released. Items such as the Cauldron and Tombstone returned. Just like every year there was a huge selection of fun Halloween items to display in your igloo.

Finally, to prepare for Card-Jitsu Fire, the red/orange skies were gone and a few rooms now had dark stormy clouds. The dark storm clouds could be seen at the Dojo Courtyard, Iceberg, Mountain, Ski Village, and Mine. At the time, in just a few weeks Card-Jitsu Fire would be released to the world, being the second Card-Jitsu game.

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