Club Penguin Catalogs

Catalogs are updated usually once a month with items to match what is happening on in Club Penguin. In every catalog there is a mixture of new and returned items. Sometimes during a party there is a special catalog and once the party ends, the catalog is gone. Select which catalog type you would like to view below!

Clothing Catalogs

Wig Catalogs (Discontinued)

Sports Catalogs

Stage Catalogs

Furniture Catalogs

Ninja Catalogs

Igloo Upgrade Catalogs

Puffle Catalogs

Puffle Merchandise Catalogs (formerly Puffle Furniture Catalogs)

Game Upgrade Catalogs

Rockhopper Catalogs

Music Jam and Ultimate Jam Booths

Fall Fair Prize Booths

Music Catalogs

Box Catalog

Diving Catalog

Medieval Catalogs

Monster Catalogs

Mountain Expedition Catalog

Wilderness Expedition Catalogs

April Fools 2011 Locker Catalog

Earth Day Party Catalogs

Blue Crab Catalog

Great Snow Race 2011 Catalog

Swashbuckler Trading Post Catalog

Dinosaur Island Catalog

Puffle Party Catalogs

April Fools Party 2012 Catalog

Marvel Superhero Takeover Catalogs

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Catalog

Halloween Party 2012 Catalog

Operation Blackout Catalog

Holiday Party 2012 Catalogs

Prehistoric Party Catalog

Hollywood Party Catalog

Card-Jitsu Party 2013 Catalog

Elite Penguin Force Catalog

Lighthouse Music Catalog

Treasure Books

F.I.S.H. Handbook/Catalog (Discontinued)

54 thoughts on “Club Penguin Catalogs

  1. Menerjemahkan meskipun mungkin tampak menyenangkan tapi membosankan kitika orang lain tidak mengerti..…………..……

  2. Train, When you add pictures of old catalogs did you get that from both yourself and other people? Or do you just get it from other people?

  3. Hello penguins!!! On christmas eve i will throw a christmas eve dinner before santa to come ok here is the reminder

    Christmas eve dinner
    When:December 24, 2013
    Room:Pizza Parlor
    Reason?:after we eat i will read a christmas story
    It will be called “Twas the Night before Christmas”and wear fancy clothes or christmas outfits and please come early at 4:30pmPst


  4. How will the code catalog update? I have many codes and i will not unlock them, because i have all item, i will have. Will the code catalog come in this month? :(

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