Herbert’s Capture List Revealed!

It looks like Herbert has his own website! If you go to clubherbert.com, you’ll see an updated picture from the one I posted the other day.

The capture list is:

  • Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Dot
  • Rookie
  • Jet Pack Guy
  • The Director

…but what about all us other agents, Herbert? ;-)

33 thoughts on “Herbert’s Capture List Revealed!

  1. you know thee aa thing i worked it out but its not aunt artic its a new mascot come soon starting with aa then other letters

  2. One thing CP never thought through during mission 5 – how are we going to catch the world’s fattest polar bear with a net? It’ll break. That was off topic, indeed, but anyways, he can take Gary, because he’ll find a way out!

  3. Trainman,
    I’ve just had a thought. Maybe the other people on Herberts capture list and Klutzy will be the new characters because of adding thingo, they had Klutzy, Jet Pack Guy, Director and Dot on there.
    Anyways, it’s just a thought

  4. Club Penguin, Club Herbert? You get where I’m coming from. clubherbert.com could be a sub-division of Club Penguin where you dress up as Herbert rather than penguins! You get me?

  5. Herbert forgot to put on PH on the list and Agent Crash also (I don’t even know if Crash is on the EPF, will be a future mascot or so whatever, I just remember it was released in a Field Ops cp file)

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