Another Club Penguin Song Is Already On The Way!

Lane Merrifield (Billybob) tweeted earlier that he got to hear a final master of Club Penguin’s next single, meaning they are nearly done with the track. He also said it’s “cool”. Polo Field said I’m cool, so maybe the song is about me? ;-) (i’m just joking by the way, I think it’s a holiday song since the Winter holidays are cold/cool and Billybob put the word cool in quotes.

Pic from @Penguitt.

21 thoughts on “Another Club Penguin Song Is Already On The Way!

  1. Is the new Club penguin memories comment font normal? Also, I get this. It’s herbert! See as cool he means the cold cool! O:

  2. hI trainman, I read saraapril’s blog, and the adding players and mascots is a HACK!!! im going to email club penguin to delete my mascots. No hard feelings please :)


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