Stage Plays

Please select which Club Penguin Stage Play you would like to see below!

Space Adventure

The Twelfth Fish

Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

Team Blue’s Rally Debut

Quest For The Golden Puffle

The Penguins That Time Forgot

Team Blue’s Rally 2

Stage Construction

Ruby and the Ruby

Space Adventure: Planet Y

Fairy Fables

Team Blue vs Team Red

Stage Construction

Penguin Play Awards 2009

The Haunting of the Viking Opera

Underwater Adventure

Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest

Penguin Play Awards 2010

Night of the Living Sled: Live

Battle of the Ancient Shadows

A Humbug Holiday

The Vikings That Time Forgot

My Awesome Life – The Herbert Story

21 thoughts on “Stage Plays

  1. Cool! It is so nice to remember the memories of CP (Club Penguin)! I have been only new from a few weeks, and I can be valid to a tour guy. I love exploring Club Penguin and blogging it in my new Club Penguin Blog, , I am having so much fun !

    Please follow me and send me a message at my website. :D

  2. i need all three verisons of the Squidzoid play swfs and The Space Adventure Play SWF and the two versions of The penguins that time forgot play swf. Does some one seem to have them? i really need them for my stage play collection.

  3. hey train man its me yeah by the way i was wondoring if you could test the party and stage play so you could add it to the list can you

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