You Can Now Unlock The Headstone On Club Penguin

Your To-Boo List is now updated and permits you to unlock a second item, the Headstone! This is similar to the Ornate Tombstone item in the furniture catalogue.

To unlock it, do the following:

  • Go to the Ghost Lab and become a ghost. (members only)
  • Then hit D on your keyboard in a mansion room, the Beach, Snow Forts, Forest, and Cove.
  • Once you do that you can pick one of the two currently available items. To obtain another simply repeat the steps.

The third item, the Vampire Throne, will be available after October 24th. You can get each item up to 99 times.

15 thoughts on “You Can Now Unlock The Headstone On Club Penguin

  1. I’ve have found two new bugs:

    1. If you go to the VR Room from the EPF Command Room’s entrance, there will be a flash of light and then your penguin will disappear before you go to the room. However, when you are in the VR Room and go back to the Command Room, there will be a flash of light but your penguin will not disappear.

    2. If you go in the Pet Shop and click on the Puffle Catalog icon (the clipboard one works fine), it will load as if the catalog is going to come up, but will never appear . However, you can still open the catalog in your igloo in your puffles’ “profile”.

  2. Hey, Trainman.
    There’s a glitch that allow you to go on Gary’s “special” place on the Ghost lab down right. Do you have find it?

    PS. Don’t ask me if I found it. I’m just asking…

    Please reply.

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